How to Create a Sales Order from a Quote in Epicor 9

sales order

Here’s a tip for creating a sales order from a quote in Epicor 9 when the customer is not allowed to have duplicate PO numbers:

If you want to create a sales order from a quote in Sales Order Entry (Actions – Get Opportunity/Quote) when a customer has “Check Dup PO” set to “yes,” and enter a PO number on the header in the quote before opening the entry screen.  The number doesn’t have to be the actual PO, but it can serve as a place holder that can be changed once the sales order is created.

Epicor 9 has some great features for Quote Management.

One Time Ship To Location

Create a one-time ship to location on an individual quote or sales order.

You can indicate within Customer Maintenance whether a customer record requires one time ship to locations on sales orders. This activates the One Time check box within Opportunity/Quote Entry and Sales Order Entry, where you can enter a unique shipping address on a specific sales order.

You can then create a sales order (or a quote later turned into a sales order) that ships part quantities to this unique, third-party customer location. Use this functionality, for example, when you need to make a shipment to the customer of your distributor.

If you need, you can also indicate that this ship to location should become either a new customer record or a new ship to location for the original customer record.


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