How Putting Off an ERP Upgrade Hurts Your Business

For companies that use an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, “upgrade” is usually considered a dirty word.

There is a perception that upgrading an ERP will be an extraordinary amount of work, force you to disrupt your business processes, and cost a lot of money. Because of these fears, businesses push off ERP upgrades until their systems become severely out-of-date.

At that point, growth typically stagnates, and leadership is left wondering how their competitors have overtaken the market as if they have a secret advantage…which they do. The functionalities and tools of a modern ERP are always going to outperform archaic software.

Here are a few ways upgrading your ERP can transform your business.

Streamline Business Processes for Greater Efficiency

As we mentioned, an ERP upgrade forces companies to rethink dated business processes because the new system works differently than the old one did. Instead of fearing this change, however, forward-thinking companies recognize this as a good thing. If you are using tedious, cumbersome business processes to complete tasks, then you are wasting time. A modern ERP system should be able to simplify your business processes by allowing the system to do a lot of the work for you. With template messages to customers, automatic notifications to team members and more, your ERP should make your life easier. If you want to improve your business processes will upgrading your ERP, talk to Datix. Our team will learn your business vision and use that to guide tailoring your ERP upgrade to your business. Instead of having business process and ERP fighting each other, they can work in harmony to increase your competitive advantage.

Automate More

There are so many little tasks that happen every day at your organization. To be as effective as possible, you want your employees spending most of their time on work that requires their unique skillset. Fortunately, upgrading an ERP allows you to automate a lot of the tasks that bog down workers. Workflows and data collection can be automated, so specific tasks like quoting, pricing, restocking inventory, and soliciting competing bids from suppliers take a fraction of the time. For instance, an ERP can calculate cost margins based on the latest raw material, labor, and shipping data. This means that you can give customers quotes that are competitive while still being profitable. If you want to streamline your business processes and unlock your potential, talk to the experts at Datix. For 25 years, we have helped our clients with their ERP ecosystems throughout every stage of their software evolution, for the planning to the implementation and beyond

Experience Greater Mobility

Older ERP systems lack a lot of the capability of newer ones. With an ERP upgrade, you can give your team the ability to access data with greater ease on mobile devices. Instead of having worker chained to their station or forcing them to conduct dual data entry by writing things down on paper and then entering it into the system manually later, you can simply let your staff work from tablets or mobile devices. That way, managers and workers can walk around the shop floor, or your warehouse as needed while inputting necessary data. Experience greater mobility through an ERP upgrade by working with Datix. As a one-stop shop, we can give you the mobility you are looking for, as well as supporting CRM, integration, disaster recovery, ecommerce, and more.

Wrap Up

Stop letting outdated technology hold your business back. Upgrade your ERP system to overtake your competition and unleash the potential of your organization.

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