The Impact of ERP, BI, and IoT on Light Manufacturing

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Whether its producing plastics, household appliances, or electrical tools, the light manufacturing industry is transforming because of new technologies. These technologies allow light manufacturers to evolve their businesses with trend detection, simplified business processes, and complete data visibility. In this blog, we will cover how BI (Business Intelligence), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and the IoT (Internet of Things) are transforming light manufacturing.

Faster Trend Detection Via Business Data

As a small manufacturer, your production cycles depend on a strong understanding of what’s affecting your business. The best indicators for firms with tight market windows are existing data sources within the organization itself.

Often, most firms find their internal data is mismanaged, disorganized or lacking crucial items when needed. To rectify this, many turn to Business Intelligence (BI) technology which allows you to break down and deconstruct whole segments of information to make better decisions.

For smaller businesses, understanding where various trends are developing requires a great command of existing data. If done properly, the results can be a form of predictive analytics that matches up with existing information, providing you with real-time results that help your firm develop.

As a one-stop shop, Datix can support light manufacturers looking to incorporate BI into their company strategy. We offer our clients comprehensive solutions that can incorporate BI, ERP, IoT, CRM, integration, disaster recovery, and more.

The Impact Of ERP Solutions On Light Manufacturers

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions have existed for the longest time in many industries. For many larger manufacturers, they’ve been essential tools for simplifying and managing their internal processes. Yet even smaller firms can benefit from the newest ERP options.

You rely on many processes to keep the various parts of your business operating smoothly. However, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by obsolete or unmanageable ones which pull down the entire organization.

ERP systems can improve your operations by removing redundancies and other complications. As newer options allow for easier implementations and stronger results, smaller manufacturers are adapting them to suit their specific needs.

To streamline business processes with ERP, Datix takes a business-first approach. We learn exactly how our clients operate so we can offer them a tailored ERP solution to create simple and effective workflows. Learn what Datix can do for you.

How The Internet Of Things Affects Light Manufacturing

In recent years, manufacturers, both large and small, are looking into the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve their performance. With the ability to connect any device over the internet, this allows for a centralized system which expands upon your existing business technology and brings everything under one roof.

For smaller manufacturers, having immediate, or up-to-the-minute, information can help better manage your ongoing production cycles. From resources and capital to the production machines and the items that are made, you can get a detailed overview of your operations. Instead of potential problems impacting your item cycles, why not be aware of issues before they impact your firm?

As the IoT userbase is expected to reach nearly 30 billion devices by 2030, businesses will spend more on these tools. Smaller manufacturers, often weary of newer technology, can find themselves better run and stronger with an IoT option than ever before. From start to finish, Datix will support light manufacturers looking to gain needed data from IoT technology. Schedule a call and discover how we support our clients every step of the way.

Wrap Up

With so many new technologies available, light manufacturers need to be strategic about finding the right software solutions for their specific needs. By working with a trustworthy partner, you can gain access to the technology you need and take your organization to the next level.

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