How Integration Improves Made-to-Stock Manufacturing

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Manufacturing is a complex network of departments and actions interconnected with one another to achieve results. From the initial decision and production cycle to the final sale, every component is linked. 

For Made-to-Stock (MTS) manufacturers, producing your products is based on expected customer demand. This puts many businesses in a delicate position because they must unite everything under one roof. That’s why systems integration can be so beneficial to MTS manufacturersthey can achieve full transparency throughout their enterprise.  

What is Integration? 

An integration puts your software systems in conversation with each other. When information is input into one instance, it automatically shows up in the other. As data is modified, both systems are automatically updated accordingly.   

For example, one of the most popular integrations is between enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and customer relationship management (CRM) softwareAnd a process that is improved through this integration is order processing. Customer data from your CRM instantly transfers into the ERP, where an order is made. As updates are made to the order or customer data, these changes are reflected in both interfaces.   ERP and CRM Integration illustration

Therefore, CRM and ERP users can continue to utilize their familiar dashboards and modules while receiving relevant back and front-end data. Since this information is automatically transferred between both platforms, there’s no manual data entry.  

Essentially, systems integration is the process of automatically transferring data back and forth between various software platforms to promote optimal visibility and efficiency.   

How Integration Improves Operations 

When it comes to your manufacturing businessoperating out of a connected enterprise is hugely beneficial, especially if your production is directly linked to what’s expected from customers.  

With a systems integration, your production floor will have easier access to sales and other major client data. Thus, stronger projections of what should be prioritized in the future create a more focused outlook. This allows your MTS manufacturing business to better manage resources and balance supply and demand. 

Similarly, being connected to your production equipment allows you to have up-to-date reviews of their performance and reliability. Machine problems, or other technical issues, can be detected and repaired before they impact any future item cycles, bringing all your departments in line with one another. 

Combined with your existing business technology, integration can transform how your Made-to-Stock business performs and grows. 

Wrap Up  

Unity Integration LogoThe best way to unite your enterprise software is through Unity, a pre-built integration solution.  

With Unity, Datix’s premier integration platform, you can connect ERP, CRM, eCommerce software, and more to build an interconnected enterprise. Our certified consultants rapidly install and manage Unity to take the stress out of software integration. A fully customizable and scalable solution, Unity supports your unique business needs as you change and grow.  

When you begin your search for the best integration platform for MTS manufacturers, reach out to Datix. We can help you find the right software to optimize your business’s performance! 



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