How ERP Strengthens Defense Manufacturing

Epicor ERP Defense Industry

Epicor ERP for the Defense Industry 

While you’re constructing aircraft and military equipment to defend the country, what will you be using to defend your bottom line? Managing the increasingly complex needs of defense manufacturing requires seamless coordination of every facet of your business. Enterprise resource planning (ERPsoftware consists of the necessary tools for streamlining processes and keeping up with growing demands. ERP brings together your enterprise data and operations to give you full control over your business performance.  

But not all ERP solutions can meet the intense requirements of the defense industry. Find out what makes Epicor ERP the strongest choice for defense manufacturing.  


Compliance and quality management are critical for all manufacturing sectors, but in the defense industry, the slightest error in any component of a weapon or aircraft could have disastrous consequences. For that reason, the sector must adhere to stringent regulations and quality standards without sacrificing their productivity.  

Epicor ERP makes this possible by providing one of the most sophisticated quality management modules on the market. Epicor offers a complete audit trail of all changes made to data and records and traces any assembly, component or subassembly across the supply chain. It also collects results data for each sample alongside appropriate job, part, inspection plan, serial number, lot number and more. With real-time insights at your fingertips, no malfunction or nonconformity will escape your notice. 

These quality assurance features simplify your compliance efforts. Epicor automates compliance processes to help you follow IFRS, SOX, ITAR and more regulations. The solution checks for Certificates of Compliance at critical points of the supply chain to ensure you maintain detailed compliance documentation. By providing full visibility and process automation, Epicor ERP makes it easier to avoid fines and costly errors.  

Multiple Suppliers 

It’s common for manufacturers, particularly small to midsize ones, to use a single supplier as the primary source for a part. However, single sourcing is a troubling practice in the U.S. defense industry. A review of our country’s defense industrial base revealed that single suppliers for critical equipment was one of the most disturbing trends in defense supply chains. If anything goes wrong with your supplier, you could experience serious issues such as corruption or lapses in product quality.  

Epicor’s Supplier Relationship Management module helps you source from the optimal suppliers. Buyers, procurement staff and purchasing agents can request quotes for raw materials from multiple suppliers and filter RFQ criteria based on your company’s specific needs to select the best match. The software can automate the process of negotiating the best combination of suppliers, products, services and prices. Epicor also facilitates a seamless relationship between you and your suppliers, allowing your business to respond quickly and accurately to any changes. ERP serves as a central record for buyers, parts and suppliers, helping you maintain accuracy, simplify workflows and eliminate dual data entry.  

Product Lifecycle Management 

Defense manufacturing entails complex production cycles and long service lives. Therefore, a product lifecycle management (PLM) module is a necessary component of an ERP solution. PLM systems serve as a central knowledge repository from cradle to grave of a product’s lifecycle.  

Epicor ERP includes a robust PLM module to maintain all the data and documents associated with a product. The module includes full integration with 12 computer-aided design (CAD) systems and multiple electronic design automation (EDA) systems. Any modifications made to documents are recorded in a change history, giving users a single place to view change orders and respond to customer queries. 

Since the defense sector deals with highly sensitive data, it’s crucial that these documents are fully secured. Epicor PLM holds this information in a password protected electronic data vault. Only users who have been granted authorization will be able to view CAD models, drawings, email messages and other private documents. Epicor allows users to keep track of the entire history of products, mitigating risk and maintaining precision.   

Wrap Up 

Developing sophisticated defense equipment requires complex supply chains and adherence to strict standards. To help you meet these demands while maintaining a healthy bottom line, Epicor ERP equipped its solution with advanced tools to facilitate end-to-end control over your enterprise. Epicor has served as a reliable source for ERP software that fits the needs of multiple manufacturing and distribution sectors for over 45 years. You can trust the vendor to strengthen your business performance. 

Datix, an Epicor Gold Partner, will help you get the most from your ERP solution. Our certified consultants work with manufacturers and distributors across multiple industries from start to finish to transform their businesses through software. We offer a wide range of scalable solutions and services to maximize the value of your ERP system and enable you to achieve business growth. 

Learn more about how Epicor ERP can optimize your defense manufacturing business. Get in touch with our ERP experts today!  


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