How Does Salesforce Simplify Your Sales Process?

Salesforce Sales Process

Simplify Sales Strategies with Salesforce CRM 

Manufacturers and distributors face tremendous pressures to keep up with customer demands and industry trends. In their efforts to stay ahead, they can actually fall behind. Adapting to changing markets and implementing new strategies can overcomplicate sales processes, resulting in errors, delays and confusion. So how can businesses embrace change without miring their sales teams?

A customer relationship management (CRM) solution empowers sales departments to put in place modern strategies while streamlining operations, and now CRM vendor is more powerful than Salesforce. Salesforce is an industry leader because of its commitment to innovation without sacrificing functionality or user experience. In this post, we explain how properly implementing Salesforce can simplify your sales process to help your business drive revenue. 

Sales Process Simplification 

Businesses operating in manufacturing, distribution and logistics industries process large portfolios of materials and data every day: SKUs, transit routes, service plans and more. The complexity of business processes and moving parts can complicate budgeting, reporting and forecasting sales and costs. It also deepens your sales team’s trench of responsibility.

Salesforce can be leveraged to streamline your convoluted sales process. All those complex routes, numbers and data can be stored in a single, powerful database that is easily accessed by your sales reps whenever they need it. Instead of having to keep track of all the overlapping processes, Salesforce will store and organize them all. Furthermore, the platform can easily automate workflows, cutting down on manual data entry and expediting sales funnels. A simplified sales process enhances efficiency to help your organization close more deals.

Mobile-Friendly Selling

After helping your business to simplify the sales process, Salesforce can take it one step further and make that process mobile. Instead of running data back and forth between your office and on-premises software, data entry will become a cinch with the Salesforce mobile app. The app can be accessed from any device with an internet connection and will reduce time and complexity in your sales pipeline.

This could be especially invaluable for businesses that rely on a traveling sales team or remote team members. The Salesforce Sales Cloud allows your entire front office to communicate with leads and organize the perfect follow-up no matter where they are. Salesforce is a pioneer in mobile CRM. Its sophisticated cloud solution allows users to stay in touch with colleagues and customers at all times, making your sales team more responsive and productive.

Proper CRM Mapping

CRM software isn’t ready to simplify your business processes out of the box. Making your Salesforce instance work for you requires the population of your data, the modeling of your business processes and the input of your employees. CRM is there to support your business processes, not to replace them. That’s why you’ll need a team that can map processes appropriately.

For effective business process modeling, bringing in an outside team that already has an in-depth knowledge of Salesforce and industry best practices is your best option. It’s hard to get a real, from-the-ground-up overview of all your business processes if you’re accustomed to doing them every day and they’ve become second nature. It can also be easy to forget essential processes when you’re a business leader who often looks at your business from the top down.

Salesforce is meant to support and simplify every action your sales team takes—so all the actions need to be documented. An experienced consultant knows how to follow best practices to fully model your processes and make key improvements. Plus, if you’ve never used Salesforce or CRM software—or been involved in its development—you’ll want consultants that have proven knowledge and success in truly mapping Salesforce properly.  

Wrap Up

Instead of just paying money for out-of-the-box software that can’t do everything your company needs it to, enlist the support of CRM experts who will align the software to your unique processes. Datix’s CRM consultants are certified Salesforce partners who have helped businesses across industries and the globe implement and map Salesforce CRM to simplify their sales strategies. We ensure that your Salesforce instance supports your sales processes, streamlines service protocols and provides accurate reports. You need Datix’s experienced team to make sure you get proper ROI from Salesforce.

Our premier developers also created Unity, our flagship integration platform. Unity is pre-built to rapidly integrate Salesforce with your Epicor ERP software. Connecting your ERP and CRM systems will further simplify business processes by automating more workflows and serving as a single source of truth for enterprise data.

Simplify your sales processes, and start winning more deals! Contact us today to learn more about Datix’s Salesforce implementation and integration services. 


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