How Does ERP Reduce Manual Tasks?

ERP Automation

The Benefits of ERP Automation  

Manual processes and paperwork stunt business growth. When employees can’t find the right spreadsheet, waste time entering data or base decisions off typos, they can’t effectively make decisions that help the company capitalize on new opportunities and increase market share. This is especially true for manufacturers, who manage complex supply chains and regulations. 

One of the most exciting benefits of ERP software is its ability to automate processes and streamline the flow of data. By creating a central hub for back-office information, ERP gives users easy access to valuable insights and cuts down on the steps it takes to execute operations. This results in new levels of accuracy and efficiency. Check out some of the manufacturing processes that ERP can automate 

Sales Order Creation 

Relying on manual, paper-based processes to manage invoicing and sales orders could be costing your enterprise. If an invoice never gets sent or data is entered incorrectly, you could experience revenue leakage and struggle to develop reports.  

ERP automates sales order creation and management, resulting in higher efficiency and accuracy. With Epicor® ERP, users can take advantage of DocStar, an integrated enterprise content management (ECM) platform. The solution automatically captures data from faxes, emails, paper and several other formats. It also offers audit trails for full visibility and rules-based workflows to maintain accuracy. Automating the sales order process will substantially cut down on manual labor and costly mistakes.  

Machine Monitoring 

With unexpected downtown costing businesses an average of $260,000 per hour, keeping your manufacturing equipment up and running is of the upmost importance. Relying on error-prone manual processes to manage your machines is a risky move.  

Cutting-edge ERP solutions utilize manufacturing execution systems (MES) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to automate machine monitoring. Epicor® Advanced MES consists of multiple trackers that provide a real-time view of your shop floor and notify users of potential issues. Additionally, Epicor IoT displays equipment and shop floor conditions in real time to help you schedule preventative maintenance and optimize factory processes. Automatic machine monitoring enables manufacturers to take a proactive approach to maintenance and production control.   

Inventory Management 

Manufacturers can’t maintain a holistic view over their inventory if they rely on manual counting and tracking. ERP automates inventory management, so you have accurate stock levels for all your locations at all times. This visibility will help you keep the optimal quantity of parts and products to fulfill customer demand.  

Epicor’s interconnected modules further automate inventory management. Real-time purchase and stock Kanbans will automate material replenishment. With Epicor® Commerce Connect (ECC), your eCommerce site will receive automatic updates on inventory status and other product changes.  Streamlined inventory control enables manufacturers to cut costs and increase precision.  

Financial Reporting 

Too many manufacturers continue to rely on manual fiscal reporting. Traditional bookkeeping methods prevent businesses from developing a full picture of their financial performance. ERP automates financial reporting, delivering digestible insights in user-friendly dashboards.  

Reliable fiscal data helps companies discover new areas to invest in, locate extra costs and make other decisions. Plus, with your financial module connected to the rest of your ERP solution, you have a complete view of expenses and revenue at your fingertips, so you can develop effective budgeting and accounting strategies.  

Wrap Up  

ERP automation powerfully transforms manufacturing operations by providing up-to-date data and streamlining workflows. For over 45 years, Epicor® has been committed to developing scalable ERP solutions that optimize manufacturing processes.  

Datix will ensure your software supports your business. We specialize in business process modeling and understand the complexity of ERP automation. Our certified consultants, developers and project managers will help you streamline operations from start to finish.  

Don’t let manual processes and paperwork get in the way of business growth. Contact us today to learn how to transform your business with Epicor® ERP!  


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