How does Epicor’s® SCM Module Stack Up Against the Competition?

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Supply Chain Management Comparison

Why should manufacturers and value-added distributors (VADs) choose Epicor® ERP over other systems? One answer lies in Epicor’s® superior supply chain management (SCM) capabilities. The Epicor® SCM module includes the comprehensive functionality and flexibility that organizations require to thrive in a competitive, global marketplace. Let’s see how Epicor® SCM stacks up against other ERP and SCM vendors, such as Infor, Oracle and SAP.

Flexible Deployment

When it comes to deployment options, Epicor® ERP has always been ahead of the game. The first ERP vendor to offer on-premises, hosted and single and multi-tenant software as a service (SaaS), Epicor® remains committed to supporting a wide array of business needs by allowing for a variety of deployment types. This is a far cry from Epicor’s® competitors. Infor’s cloudsuite, for example, only supports single-tenant deployment, making it usable for a narrow spectrum of companies. Oracle’s native cloud offerings are still immature. Epicor’s® flexible service-oriented architecture (SOA) supports a range of deployment choices, empowering your company to select the option that aligns with your processes and software needs.

Unified Solution

Epicor® knows that a connected enterprise is key to business success. When your supply chain is streamlined, processes are smoother and simpler, contributing to a lower TCO and higher ROI. Epicor’s® SCM functions are built within the ERP system to empower clients with one comprehensive software instance that bolsters processes from end to end of your enterprise. Purchase management, inventory management, warehouse management, supplier collaboration and more are combined in one platform for optimal performance. In contrast, Oracle’s SCM modules aren’t part of its ERP solution, resulting in a lack of seamless integration, complicating processes and hiking up the total cost of ownership. 

Built for Manufacturers

For decades, Epicor® has led the field in enterprise resource planning for manufacturing, serving thousands of manufacturers across the globe. This expertise enables Epicor® to build and continuously improve their ERP platform and SCM module to align with the distinct processes of each manufacturer and equip clients with user-friendly solutions. Not all providers understand the nuances of each manufacturer. SAP, for example, did not design their solutions with manufacturers in mind, meaning their services don’t cover the full range of manufacturing needs.

Wrap Up

To reap the benefits of Epicor’s® SCM module, find a premier Epicor® consultant who will have your back at every step of your ERP journey. For this comprehensive support, look no further than Datix. Datix’s certified ERP consultants know Epicor® and its superior modules inside and out. We’re experts in midmarket manufacturing and distribution, enabling us to implement Epicor® to fit your unique demands. We go beyond ERP implementation projects by also offering CRM, eCommerce and integration solutions to enhance every aspect of your enterprise.

Once you install Epicor® ERP, you’ll never go back. Discover the software’s full functionality by teaming up with Datix’s Epicor® experts!

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