How Does Epicor ERP Drive Business Growth?

Epicor ERP Business Growth

Make Epicor Part of Your Growth Strategy 

No manufacturer or distributor makes a software investment to maintain the status quo. A recent study found that the top two reasons for implementing ERP were to improve business performance and pursue growth. But how do you select the right solution to achieve these goals? 

Epicor has long held its status as one of the best ERP vendors for midmarket manufacturers and distributors. With industry-specific functionality and rich features, Epicor is designed to give businesses a strong competitive advantage. The following video explains how Epicor ERP positions organizations for growth. We then list some of the specific features that the solution has to drive enterprise expansion.  

ERP Features for Business Growth 

  • Automated workflows cut down on manual data entry and reduce steps across the supply chain to improve lead times and reduce errors.  
  • Advanced MES and IoT capabilities provide real-time visibility into equipment and processes throughout multiple locations to help you steer clear of downtime. 
  • Kanban and lean manufacturing features locate waste to help you cut costs. 
  • Personalized, role-based home pages and user-friendly dashboards deliver actionable insights to reveal new opportunities and improve decision making.  
  • The scalable infrastructure supports growing datasets and locations, supporting your business no matter how complex your supply chain becomes or how much your transaction volume increases 
  • Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) is an integrated eCommerce solution that allows you to improve customer experiences and add a new channel with ease.  
  • The Product Configurator automates product configuration and gives you the flexibility to change orders on the fly.  
  • Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA) is an AI digital assistant that you can communicate with through voice or text to gain instant insights, automate tasks and reliable forecasts.  
  • Demand planning, master production scheduling and forecasting features help you schedule production and materials to meet customer demands and avoid excess inventory.  
  • Full traceability and audit trails support compliance, detect defects and avoid critical errors. 
  • Global functionality, including multi-company and multi-currency management, encourages international expansion.  
  • Product costing features help you analyze profitability.  
  • In-depth data analysis, reporting and BI tools deliver a detailed picture of costs and inefficiencies to promote process improvements.  

Wrap Up  

Every business has its eyes set to the future. For over 45 years, Epicor ERP has delivered robust features to propel manufacturing and distribution growth. 

Datix will work with you from start to finish to grow your business with ERP. An Epicor Gold Partner, we have a large range of software services and solutions under one roof designed to help you elevate your business performance.  

Get in touch with Datix to learn how our ERP experts can guide you to transforming your business through software!  


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