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In the context of business, we tend to think of value in terms of dollars and cents. However, to drive financial value, manufacturers must build their processes and work environment around more abstract values such as teamwork, innovation and freedom to motivate workers and continuously grow. This is no easy feat. How can you balance hard data and cold cash with intangible concepts?

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Understanding that strong principles form the core of any manufacturing business, Epicor created its ERP software to support the values that drive success. Using information from Epicor’s Manufacturing Overview, we’ll describe a few of the business values that Epicor buttresses with its sophisticated technology and comprehensive features.


There is nothing more important to business success than a skilled workforce, but oftentimes, talented employees work so independently that they pursue different goals and fail to come together as a team. When employees aren’t on the same page, your business’s efficiency and accuracy are compromised.

To help businesses forge a collaborative environment, Epicor built Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE). ESE enables users to communicate effectively and leverage a common database to make more informed decisions. Built from cloud-based technology, ESE’s social tools provide a familiar method of communication for users, no matter where they are and what device they use. ESE also permits employees to share crucial information—such as workflow changes or product lifecycle updatesto team members, partners or even clients to keep everyone informed. By fostering a collaborative company culture, Epicor ERP motivates users to enhance productivity.


In an increasingly fast-paced marketplace, manufacturers must strive for change and improvement to thrive. Your software should also continuously develop and offer flexibility to support your company’s innovation. Epicor has been a consistent leader and innovator for enterprise resource planning solutions for over 45 years, constantly improving its software to fuel manufacturing grow.

Built using service-oriented architecture (SOA), Epicor ERP allows manufacturers to align their systems to their unique needs and integrate other software platforms to create a single source of truth. It also includes cutting-edge features such as AI and IoT to deliver greater visibility and efficiency. Epicor’s flexible framework and innovative technology empower manufacturers to continuously develop their software to propel their business forward.

Freedom of Choice

Software should never define a manufacturer’s practices. Instead, ERP should be deployed and utilized to cohere with the specific processes of each business. Offering a cloud and on-premises version of the same product for its customers, Epicor understands the importance of giving manufacturers the freedom to deploy software solutions in whichever way they see fit.

Additionally, the functional user interface and intuitive navigation empower users to configure ERP tools to meet their preferences and optimize daily tasks. Epicor also supports mobility to give users the choice to fully interact with business systems away from their cubicles and offices. Manufacturers create a more motivated, efficient workforce when they take advantage of Epicor’s flexibility.

Wrap Up

Even as manufacturers work towards increasing their revenue, they can’t lose sight of the values that serve as the backbone of their workplace. Built with these values in mind, Epicor ERP ensures that your business never loses sight of goals and principles on the path to success.

Like Epicor, Datix is also committed to helping clients achieve success by providing solutions that support core values. It is this commitment that makes Datix a certified Epicor Gold Partner. At Datix, we support our clients from start to finish to transform their businesses through software. 

To find out more about the exciting features of Epicor ERP, download Epicor’s Manufacturing Overview and contact Datix’s experienced ERP consultants!


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