How CRM Optimizes Customer Experiences

CRM Customer Experiences

CRM Enhances Customer Journeys  

Success isn’t just measured by the reputation of your brand or the quality of your products. Now more than ever, businesses are measuring their success by their customer experiences. Sales departments are tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) on customer experiences more than any other metric because they understand that 66 percent of consumers will explore other options after one poor interaction.  

To optimize every stage of the buyer’s journey, look no further than customer relationship management (CRM) software. Robust CRM systems such as Salesforce enable organizations to transform consumer data into effective strategies for enhancing experiences. Read on to learn how to leverage CRM tools to win over customers.  

Comprehensive Insight 

The key ingredient to strong customer experiences is data. Without a complete understanding of consumer demands and behaviors, your front-office tactics are nothing but shots in the dark. CRM systems store every touchpoint of the customer journey, capturing each interaction, purchase, service request and more. More importantly, the CRM interface will transform this data into actionable insight. Users can leverage their platform’s reports and predictions to automate workflows and personalize customer journeys, delivering collateral and services relevant to each individual 

Digital innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) are taking insight to the next level. Salesforce developed Einstein, a pioneering suite of AI tools designed to maximize your data’s value. Einstein detects patterns from your data to generate reliable predictions and suggestions. Rather than play guessing games, sales teams can prioritize opportunities and take the next step in their pipelines based on sophisticated data analytics. Einstein also interprets feedback and interactions to help sales, service and marketing departments work as one to deliver the support that clients need. Einstein proves the power of data in optimizing customer experiences.  


To keep up with growing consumer demands, sales reps must have insight in the palm of their hands at all times. Mobile CRM applications enable your sales team to reach clients from anywhere. While on-site, salespeople can instantly provide prospective customers with up-to-date information. While sitting in the airport or a coffee shop, they can immediately act on new leads or orders. Today’s customers don’t have time to waste. Don’t delay the sales cycle or lose a customer because users must wait until they return to the office to update files and reach out to prospects. Mobile CRM solutions empower responsive, timely interactions at every stage of the customer journey.  

When it comes to mobile CRM, no vendor beats Salesforce. Salesforce’s rich mobile interface enables users to do anything and everything from their devices, from drawing reports to analyzing dashboards. As our workforce becomes more global, organizations require top-notch mobile applications such as Salesforce to stay ahead.  


Consumers are savvier than ever, so when they have an issue, they want to find the solution themselves. However, many businesses lack a comprehensive self-service portal that has the answers to pressing concerns. A self-service portal consists of FAQs, how-to videos, collaborative spaces and other resources to help your customers help themselves. By organizing these resources effectively, you can set your business apart from the competition and improve customer satisfaction.  

As you design your portal, make sure you include useful information for each stage of the buyer’s journey. What questions do prospects have about your products? What are common issues among your current customers? Additionally, keep your resources up to date by including information on any new products or services. Besides including self-help materials, offer functions that enable customers to book appointments, pay bills and perform other tasks in a flash.  

With Salesforce, users can customize mobile-responsive self-service portals using easy drag-and-drop features. Additionally, the platform can be integrated with your business processes to streamline operations, so customers can quickly resolve issues. A self-service portal drives the efficiency customers crave while reducing customer service costs and giving agents more time to cater to customer needs—making it a win-win solution for your consumers and employees.  

Wrap Up  

No organization can get ahead without centering its business processes around its consumers. With Salesforce, companies gain an all-encompassing platform with landmark features that will help you make the most of your customer data. Salesforce dominates the CRM market because of its commitment to innovative tools that enable users to put their customers first.  

But there’s one more CRM strategy that you need to know to provide your consumers with the best experiences: integration. By integrating CRM and ERP, users unleash the power of front and back-office data to automate operations, improve efficiency and enhance visibility. Unity, Datix’s premier integration application, makes connecting Salesforce with Epicor ERP easier than ever. Our expert consultants can install the pre-built solution and make any necessary customizations in no time. As an Epicor Platinum Partner and certified Salesforce partner, Datix is your best bet for a seamless integration.  

Begin planning your CRM implementation or integration to fill any gaps in your customer relationships. To get started, contact Datix today!  


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