How Can ERP Help Manufacturers with Labor Shortages?

ERP Manufacturing Labor Shortage

3 Ways ERP Can Address Skills Gaps 

A booming economy has led to a level of optimism that hasn’t been seen in U.S. manufacturing for several years. But at the same time, manufacturers are also experiencing a massive labor shortage that is only expected to become worse. A recent study found that only 2.4 million of the 4.6 million new manufacturing jobs predicted to open in the next decade will be filled.  

The truth is that there will need to be high-level changes involving multiple industries and educational institutions in order to train a new generation of manufacturers. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything individual businesses can do to attract new talent. As we explain below, implementing ERP software can serve as a critical aspect of your labor strategy.  

Embrace Digital Transformation with ERP 

All the ways in which ERP software can impact your labor strategy fall under the umbrella of digital transformation. ERP opens the door to exciting innovations that can bring new life to your shop floor, make your organization a better place to work and close the labor gap. Here’s how: 

Process Automation: Together, ERP and robotics have the power to automate manual, rote tasks. This accelerates operations and improves accuracy to help you deliver the right products and services on time to your customers. It also makes manufacturing plants safer and more stimulating places to work. While ERP instantly triggers the next step of your supply chain, users can focus on creative, thought-provoking activities. Furthermore, this technology can take care of menial tasks that used to go to your employees, reducing demands for labor.  

Innovative Technology: As we mentioned in our previous point, robotics is helping to fill labor gaps and increase productivity. When you connect robots and equipment with ERP software, users gain a full understanding of machine performance and production line efficiency. Some ERP solutions, such as Epicor, also include advanced business intelligence and data analytics which transform big data into accurate predictions and actionable insights. Research has found that employees enjoy working with innovative technology, making IoT solutions and ERP software major drivers for recruitment 

Transparency: With the advent of social media, millennials have come to place a high value on sharing ideas in the workplace. Epicor fuels enterprise-wide transparency and collaboration to help meet this standard. Epicor connects a wide array of modules into a single system and makes enterprise data available through intuitive, cutting-edge dashboards, fostering unprecedented visibility. Additionally, its Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE) feature resembles a social media platform, allowing users to share messages and send notifications, so employees can stay in touch with business processes and with each other.  

Mobile Capabilities: Millennials are also more interested in greater flexibility and freedom in their schedules and routines. As a result, more businesses are offering opportunities for remote work by leveraging mobile solutions. Cloud-deployed ERP solutions enable users to access critical data on the go. Epicor includes mobile functionality to allow employees to manage expenses, billable time, field service and other tasks from any device, giving younger generations the freedom to work off site. 

Image Improvement: All these improvements can help manufacturing with its image problem. Manufacturing plants are mistakenly regarded as dingy and outdated, but today’s factories are clean and decked out with innovative technology. Once you’ve implemented your ERP system to create a modern shop floor, spread the word about how your cutting-edge technology is making your organization an exciting place to work! 

Wrap Up 

By embracing digital transformation with ERP software, you can overcome trials facing the manufacturing workforce. As older generations leave, a new generation excited about innovation and creative problem solving will fill these positions and write the next chapter of manufacturing. 

At Datix, we’ve worked with manufacturers and distributors for over 20 years to help them leverage enterprise software to combat industry challenges. An Epicor Gold Partner, Datix executes ERP implementations, customizations and upgrades from start to finish. In our commitment to solving real issues and pursuing continuous improvement, we built our Unity integration solution to instantly connect Epicor with an array of front-end software. There’s no other integration platform that can quickly connect your software and power bi-directional data transfer without any coding on your end.  

Start building the future of manufacturing. Contact Datix today to transform your business with software! 


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