How Can Epicor ERP Solve Manufacturing Pain Points?

ERP Manufacturing Pain Points

Use ERP to Overcome Manufacturing Obstacles 

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At the end of the day, technology is a tool. Whatever software you implement should deliver measurable improvements and solve real issues. It can be easy to get lost in the hype around all the different platforms and their cutting-edge features, but if you aren’t laser-focused on your company’s goals and pain points, you could waste time and money on bloated applications and add-ons that contribute nothing of value to your business.  

For over 45 years, Epicor has been a leading ERP solution because it is truly focused on solving common manufacturing pain points. Epicor understands that manufacturers operate in intensely competitive industries and can’t afford to waste their investment. Below, we identify three major pain points for manufacturers and explain how Epicor ERP can solve these challenges.  

3 Manufacturing Pain Points 

Pain Point: Labor Shortages 

As Baby Boomers leave the workforce in droves, manufacturers are getting hit hard. About 60% of skilled production positions are unfilled, and these gaps are impacting productivity. By the end of the next decade, millennials will make up 75% of American workers, and they are already the most represented generation in the workforce, but they aren’t lining up to work in manufacturing. Manufacturers must focus their attention on winning millennial workers and closing labor gaps.  

SolutionDigital Collaboration and Insights 

The way to attract millennials is to build an environment that appeals to the modern workforce. Having grown up with the internet, younger generations value information at their fingertips and easy collaboration. They also want to focus on continuous improvement and decision making rather than redundant labor and menial administrative tasks.  

ERP provides the flexibility and convenience that millennials crave. Epicor Social Enterprise (ESEdelivers an interactive stream that enables quick collaboration and offers instant notifications. Users can access information on the go via mobile devices. They can also set up their Epicor home page to show relevant metrics and reports. Additionally, ERP automates repetitive tasks to free up more time for engaging activities. Modernizing your workplace doesn’t just benefit millennials; it helps you turn the tide against labor shortages and maximize efficiency across your enterprise.  

Pain Point: Downtime 

Manufacturers fight against myriad sources of downtime. Component jams can stop production for a few minutes, or equipment fails can halt operations until service technicians complete repairs or replacements. Anything could go wrong on the shop floor, compromising the value of your assets and delaying order fulfillment. Reducing costly downtime requires a high level of control and visibility.  

SolutionMES and IoT  

Epicor includes tools designed to help you keep eyes on every step of production. With the Advanced MES (Mattec) module, you gain real-time insights into downtime, scrap and other sources of waste. It also tracks materials, tools and personnel across all your work centers 24/7. Automated quality management can help you avoid rework and keep production moving.  

Recently, Epicor added even deeper visibility through incorporating IoT technology. Available in the most recent version of Epicor 10, Epicor IoT shares real-time machine metrics in a user-friendly dashboard. Whenever your solution detects an issue, you can schedule preventative maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime. The cutting-edge technology available in Epicor ERP can help you attack downtime and keep operations running smoothly.  

Pain Point: Risk and Compliance 

Growth is always a priority for manufacturers. For many, growth comes in the form of mergers and acquisitions, global expansion and creating new revenue channels. While these moves could result in enormous profits, they could also be a total bust. Furthermore, growth adds a great deal of complexity to your business processes. This is especially the case for businesses that expand overseas and must comply with international regulations while weathering an unpredictable global market. Manufacturers looking to grow will need help mitigating risk.  

Solution: Visibility and Control 

Epicor ERP offers deep insights to improve decision making. BI-embedded dashboards, user-friendly reports and data analytics will deliver the actionable insights you need to perform risk assessments. A multi-company menu also lets you easily look up information across locations without logging in and out of several applications. Epicor’s real-time visibility and analytics give you easy access to critical information, so you can evaluate big decisions and keep up with complex operations across your enterprise. 

Additionally, Epicor designed its solution with compliance in mind. Epicor’s features are in accordance with a wide range of standards and regulations, including GAAP, ISO, TS, FDA and more. Its Country Specific Functionality (CSF) also supports local, regional and global accounting and reporting standards. By providing detailed audit trails and automatically checking for Certificates of Compliance, Epicor simplifies compliance.  

Wrap Up  

Any IT project should be centered around your company’s specific challenges and goals. The right ERP solution includes the right features and innovations to address common manufacturing issues and give you the flexibility to meet your unique objectives. Epicor gives you control over your entire enterprise, so you can solve any pain point.  

However, we understand that ERP implementation itself can be a pain. At Datix, we’re here to make the process painless.  We’re an Epicor Gold Partner with extensive manufacturing and distribution experience. Using our proven methodology, our experts analyze your current issues and requirements, so we can provide a scalable solution tailored to your needs. With a wide array of ERP solutions and services, we can meet your exact specifications. Our certified consultants are committed to helping you transform your business through software from start to finish.  

Tackle any obstacles that get in the way of business growth. Contact Datix today to find out how we can solve manufacturing challenges with ERP!  


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