How a Cloud-Based ERP System Could Benefit Your Company

HowaCloudBasedERPSystemCouldBenefitYourCompanyUtilizing the Technology Available to You 


Keeping up in the digital business age is becoming increasingly important as 14.2 billion connected things were in use in 2019, and that number is estimated to jump to 25 billion by 2021. Utilizing digital and cloud technology makes it easy for companies to access data in real-time while providing simple and secure collaboration.


By simplifying implementation and giving companies access to analytics in real-time, utilizing cloud-based ERP systems will allow businesses to maintain a competitive edge!


Why Choose Cloud ERP Software? 


Traditional ERP systems often require extensive and expensive server infrastructure and require businesses to depend on high-end security measures to successfully carry out its function. But, with cloud-based ERP software, the cloud implements all these tedious services, allowing you–and your team–to focus on more important responsibilities. And, cloud-based ERP provides the same end-goals as traditional ERP software.


Cloud-based ERP combines your company’s multiple departments with user functions while also hosting the entire service on the cloud. This allows workflows to seamlessly move throughout all divisions of your company, thus creating a centralized system for your business. Plus, with cloud ERP software all the backend services of your ERP system are handled by your vendor, allowing you to focus on the core of your business. 


Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP


There are many advantages to implementing cloud-based ERP solutions; outlined below are just a few ways the cloud will streamline your business:


  • Quicker implementation: You can implement a cloud-based ERP system much faster than an on-premises
  • Scalable and consolidated data: With all of your ERP functions hosted online, data integration is scalable and more consolidated, giving you and your employees quick and easy access to data. 
  • Always accessible: There is no longer a dependency on the office to access your ERP system; instead, you and your employees can access the system from any location (office, home, shop floor, etc.).
  • Top-notch security: Cloud-based ERP systems are equipped with data encryption and back-ups to safeguard your company’s information. Because everything is stored in one, secure place, you will no longer be required to maintain any documents or spreadsheets in your local database. Cloud-based systems are also equipped with a firewall that protects data that enters or leaves your system. 
  • Regular maintenance: Cloud-based ERP software is automatically maintained on the cloud, thus allowing your IT department to focus on more important needs. 
  • Up-to-date software: Updates to your software and hardware happen faster, enhancing the system’s functionalities and improving the system as a whole. Plus, ERP vendors will notify you about updates to ensure your software is always up to date. 
  • Real-time analytics: With cloud ERP, you can see reports and results in real-time. This ensures that your company is constantly up to date on information and allows you to optimize your business performance. 

Datix for Your Cloud-Based ERP Implementation 


Advancing your business in the technological age is made simpler with cloud-based ERP software. Datix can help you implement this technology and transform your business!


Datix has been an expert in ERP for over 20 years, and our consultants are experts in cloud-based technology. Additionally, our experts will assist you with your project from start-to-finish and beyond. Our business-first approach coupled with our highly skilled consultants makes Datix a one-stop-shop for all your software needs.


Ready to start transforming your business with a cloud-based ERP system? Contact Datix today to get started! 


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