Get the Most Out of Your Infor Implementation With a CIP


How Can a CIP Improve Your Implementation? 

Nothing drives innovation more effectively than ERP software. Infor ERP has long provided a scalable solution with cohesive modules. With each update, Infor improves usability, offers more support for global expansion, and takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to increase insight and performance. 

But an ERP implementation isn’t a guaranteed win for manufacturers and distributors. Successful implementations result in ROI and overall process improvements, but when implementations, subsequent projects, or ongoing care of the system go wrong, your software starts eating into your profit margins. 

To prevent this, you need solid plans for software implementation and continual growth after your go-live date. When you work with Datix and our CIP service, you get just that. We will help your company grow and expand during and after the implementation of your Infor software.

What Is a CIP?

CIP, or Continuous Improvement Plan, is a service designed to make your software run as smoothly as possible, even after your critical go-live date. 

At Datix, we believe your software should grow and evolve as your company does. Continuous improvement is key to leveraging your enterprise implementation or integration to cut costs and increase revenues every day. With the help of a CIP, you can prevent cost overrun, one of the most common enterprise project challenges. 

Why Utilize a CIP?

During a software implementation, it is challenging to accomplish everything your company needs. Often employees are given multiple roles and large workloads causing tasks to pile up and potentially delay your project timeline, resulting in critical system optimizations to be pushed back or completely overlooked. 

A CIP allows you to manage cash flow and easily plan the roll-out of all enhancements and customizations, even after your system has gone live. This includes things like system improvements, the development of new reports, and the automation of specific processes. 

Experts Solely Dedicated to Your Software Systems Development

Ongoing service plans are available to ensure your systems and networks are always up-to-date and functioning properly. Datix believes IT support should work seamlessly throughout your organization, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with personalized care and service. Our CIP agreements guarantee individualized attention for every issue and stakeholder while keeping your IT costs well within budget.

At Datix we only hire the most knowledgeable and skilled consultants and have over 20 years of experience with ERP software and we are a certified Infor partner. You can rest assured we provide the best service. Our consultants are always available and eager to help you improve your software, making sure, as Infor evolves, it remains the best fit for your company.

Wrap Up

At Datix we want to see your company succeed and to help guide you to fully utilize your ERP system. 

Our consultants will walk you through specific use cases and functionalities you use every day to ensure you get the most out of your Infor system. If you need customizations or personalizations, our developers are here to help. They understand the ins-and-outs of back-end software and can complete customizations to your exact specifications. Datix is dedicated to ensuring your company can experience the full range of Infor ERP software. Contact Datix today to begin implementing a CIP.

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