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Green Integrate ERP eCommerce

Connect Epicor ERP and Magento eCommerce

As much as we love St. Patrick’s Day, our enterprise software consultants know that there’s no amount of four-leaf clover and leprechaun magic to guarantee that your business efforts will bring you a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Success is all about hard work, collaboration and smart strategies. Robust software solutions go a long way in helping businesses collaborate and plan for higher profits. But it’s not just your employees who need to work together; your software systems should also join forces to drive efficiency. Read on to learn how an integration between Epicor ERP and Magento eCommerce will optimize processes to bring in the green at your company.

Streamlined Procedures

One common source of both critical errors and wasted time is manual data entry. This proves especially true for enterprises with mass amounts of daily invoices. When systems are independent entities, users invest considerable time manually entering data from multiple channels—a process which creates information silos and demands dual data entry. Furthermore, it puts your business at risk of utilizing inaccurate data, resulting in tremendous investments in time and money to fix errors. With an integrated platform, businesses can access eCommerce data directly within their ERP system and vice versa. Rather than enter data in multiple systems, data automatically syncs between instances, drastically cutting down the chances of managing incorrect shipping addresses, inventory levels and other false information.

The benefits of this automation and reduction of manual data entry are astronomical. Flexible integrations enable businesses to manage omnichannel sales, both offline and online, without sacrificing efficiency. The truth is that all processes within an enterprise are connected. Inventory management, returns, tax compliance, order fulfillment, financial reporting—all of these crucial business operations are contingent on front- and back-office performance. To maintain seamless processes, it only makes sense that your software is also seamless.

Optimal Customer Experience

With centralized eCommerce and ERP data, manufacturing and distribution firms enjoy full visibility into lead and customer data. This 360-degree insight is becoming increasingly important as customer expectations continue to climb, meaning that companies have to tailor their sales and marketing approaches to each customer. It’s a tall order, but this level of personalized service can be achieved with integrated ERP and eCommerce systems. Easy access to an array of customer data from ERP and eCommerce software enables salespeople to track their leads and customers to customize their experiences and increase purchases.

Integrated systems also optimize the customer experience by making it simpler to provide them with accurate data. The streamlined processes that result from eCommerce and ERP integrations speed up orders and services. Customers can access available inventory, view their order status and track their shipments so they always know the progress of their purchases. The timely operations and real-time insight from a connected ERP and eCommerce system will have customers returning for more of your merchandise.

Wrap Up

Returning to our earlier point, it’s not luck that drives profits—it’s a strategic, collaborative workforce. Nothing enables efficient collaboration and sound strategizing more than enterprise software integrations, especially an integration between Magento eCommerce and Epicor ERP. Magento’s open-source platform and Epicor’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) support integrations and flexibility to empower an array of companies to connect processes from end to end of their organizations.

At Datix, we provide ERP, eCommerce, CRM and integration solutions under one roof. Besides being a Magento expert, we’re one of only a handful of Epicor Platinum Partners, meaning we have comprehensive knowledge of the system. With Unity, our premier integration platform, we can connect Epicor with a variety of software, including Magento. We have earned renown for crafting integrations on time, on budget and in accordance with each of our client’s specifications.

We know you want your enterprise to bring in more green. Contact Datix today to find out how our integrations will help your business strike gold!


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