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Utilizing current technology creates an astonishing competitive advantage for your company. Streamline processes, access data in real-time, and plan for the future of your company with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and customer relationship management (CRM) software. These software solutions give you the power to control your company’s success. While CRM and ERP software may seem similar, each software performs its own distinct and important function.


What is ERP Software?


The difference between ERP and CRM is its primary functionality and intended end-users. ERP software has a wide-ranging set of capabilities across all business operations designed to manage back-end processes and data. It promotes visibility and efficiency to optimize manufacturing and distribution performance.


Further, ERP software is designed to make a company’s processes more effective and efficient; by better managing all the key functions of your company (accounting, warehouse, inventory, and supply chain), ERP software allows you to focus on the core of your business. 


With integrated ERP software, employees can update the platform with important information, available in real-time to all departments within the company. This integrated technology notifies you when problems occur. For example, if there is a problem in the supply chain, the ERP software will capture the issue and make it available to all areas affected by the supply chain problem. ERP not only provides all departments with updated information, but it also gives you a clear and accurate picture of their standings at any given moment.


What is CRM Software?


In contrast, CRM software consists of a range of business applications designed to manage front-end processes and data. It is designed to fulfill the customer side of your business by optimizing sales and customer service. 


Moreover, CRM focuses on customer experience and coordinates business activity to promote a seamless and positive buying journey. It manages customer information, and it captures all relevant details for your company. This information is useful to all employees, including (but not limited to) sales reps, managers, and accounting personnel. Additionally, a quality CRM system will capture every interaction your company has with customers- by properly managing customer information, you can build customer relationships and increase customer loyalty. Thus, resulting in ROI.


Can You Use Both Software? 


Yes! Not only can you use both CRM and ERP software, but you should use both. Nevertheless, it isn’t as simple as running the two software independently. Running the software separately creates data silos, and you risk entering duplicate or incorrect data which can be a detriment to profits. Integrating the two applications creates one, seamless application, giving you access to both front-end solutions.


An integration application connects the two pieces of software, thus creating a single source for your enterprise data. When you integrate the two data into your ERP, it is instantly available in your CRM and vice versa, giving you real-time insight into your business. 


Because custom connectors often require painstaking coding and costly maintenance, we recommend investing in a pre-built integration application. These can be rapidly installed and eliminate the hassle of custom connectors. Pre-built integration solutions support common sync points and allow you to generate more value from your ERP and CRM software without the struggle of coding. 


Wrap Up 


While ERP and CRM software offers different functionalities, they both prove extremely advantageous, and integrating the software with a pre-built integration solution will result in ROI.


The best way to unite your ERP and CRM software is through Unity, a pre-built integration solution. With Unity, Datix’s premier integration platform, you can connect ERP with CRM to build an interconnected enterprise. Our certified consultants rapidly install and manage Unity to take the stress out of software integration. A fully customizable and scalable solution, Unity supports your unique business needs as you change and grow. When you begin your search for the right CRM and ERP software and the best pre-built integration platform, reach out to Datix; we can help you find the right software to optimize your business’s performance! 

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