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Prophet 21 Distribution Growth

Prophet 21 for Distribution Growth 

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Have you hit a wall in your enterprise expansion? Or are your distribution processes out of control after a period of rapid growth? Distributors who manage their business from multiple stand-alone applications or massive spreadsheets can’t effectively track their performance or respond to changing demands. Growing sustainably requires implementing a robust, flexible software solution to help you keep up with your evolving business needs.  

That’s exactly what enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is for. ERP consolidates back-office data and processes into one solution to drive comprehensive business improvements. Prophet 21 is an ERP platform that Epicor developed specifically to meet the challenges of warehouse distributorsWe’re going over the benefits of implementing Prophet 21 to fuel distribution growth.  

Deep Insights  

Distributors often lack the visibility to efficiently respond to challenges and make data-driven decisions. This shortcoming can cause your business to miss out on growth opportunities and create costly errors. ERP software is designed to give users real-time visibility across multiple warehouses, distribution centers and offices.  

Prophet 21, for example, includes powerful dashboards with embedded business intelligence (BI) tools. Each user can personalize their active home page to display the most relevant data and reports to execute their daily tasks. Whenever they need additional information, they can simply utilize the Enterprise Search feature to instantly locate orders, customers and other data.  

With real-time, actionable insights, users can quickly address challenges, capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risk. You can receive instant notifications of production delays or machine outages. You can identify your most profitable customers and determine how to retain them. You can align inventory management strategies with accurate forecasting to satisfy future customer demand. Deep business insights enable distributors to work smarter, not harder.  

Business Innovation  

From cloud computing to workflow automation, new technology is constantly coming out, and it’s the job of ERP vendors to equip distributors with the most effective innovations to drive business growth. Prophet 21 is continuously improving to help businesses deliver personalized customer experiences and optimize strategies. Some of Prophet 21’s innovative features include: 

  • Epicor Commerce Connect: ECC is a fully integrated eCommerce solution that allows users to quickly develop an online store. Choose from a large variety of templates and add-on apps to create a visually stunning website. Online orders are instantly synced into your ERP platform for efficient fulfillment. ECC is essential for creating modern customer experiences.  
  • Wireless Warehouse Management Solution: WWMS is a mobile solution that brings a new level of accuracy to your warehouse operations. This RF tool provides real-time cycle counting, bin replenishment, label printing, bar coding and more to improve productivity. The graphical user interface also creates a shorter learning curve than most RF instruments. 
  • Epicor Virtual Agent: The latest version of Prophet 21 includes EVA, an AI-powered virtual assistant that can be accessed by voice or text to deliver timely insights and increase efficiency. For distributors, EVA can be utilized for a variety of purposes, such as enabling sales reps to immediately access product information and create a quote on their mobile devices while meeting with customers.  

ERP innovations can transform distributors into mobile, customer-centric enterprises. This will help you attract a modern workforce and maintain efficiency as your business expands.  

Greater Control 

Ultimately, ERP software is intended to give distributors granular control over their operations. As your distribution processes grow more complex, your ERP is up for the challenge. Prophet 21 has the sophistication to maintain consistency while also allowing you to make changes at a moment’s notice. With Prophet 21, you can: 

  • Automate time-consuming, manual processes to reduce human error 
  • Keep track of every stage of the order fulfillment process 
  • Maintain appropriate inventory levels using multiple inventory replenishment methods  
  • Manage a full range of warehouse operations—such as receiving, cross-docking and picking—from a single solution 

Furthermore, Prophet 21 will also track costs and waste, so you can become a leaner enterprise while maintaining optimal efficiency. This level of control fuels sustainable distribution growth.  

Wrap Up 

Prophet 21 is a comprehensive, scalable solution that meets the needs of a wide range of distributors. Its innovative modules are designed to provide users with deeper insights and greater control to boost distribution performance. But making the most of your Prophet 21 system requires expert guidance. 

Datix, an Epicor Gold Partner, has specialized in transforming businesses through software for over 20 years. Our certified consultants have extensive experience in manufacturing and distribution environments, enabling us to tailor our solutions and services to each client’s unique needs. We’ll work with you from start to finish to ensure you’re reaping the full value of your Prophet 21 implementation. 

Don’t let outdated technology get in the way of your distribution growth. Contact Datix to learn how Prophet 21 can fuel business success! 


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