ERP Project Gamification: Game On!

ERP Project Gamification

How to Gamify Software Implementations

“Fun” and “ERP” aren’t words that usually appear in the same sentence—but that doesn’t mean they can’t. In fact, without getting your team excited, users could easily lose interest and become resentful of an ERP implementation altogether. Think about it: You’re overhauling the infrastructure employees have used every day and requiring them to train both on site and after hours to become acquainted with their new software. You need to do something to get everyone engaged in the project.

To add some enthusiasm to your ERP implementation, why not turn your change management and user adoption strategies into a game? Gamification is everywhere now—fitness apps, Fortune 500 offices, classrooms. Introducing point systems, prizes and other gaming elements into your ERP project could be exactly what you need to engage your workplace and achieve implementation success. Below, we provide some tips for gamifying your software implementation and winning the grand prize—an ERP solution that transforms your business!

ERP Gamification Tips


Just like the ERP project itself, you don’t want to jump into gamifying your implementation without devising a plan. Work with consultants, change agents, project teams and executives to determine what methods will work best for your employees. How will you measure their performance? What rewards and strategies will fit into your budget? How will you ensure the gamification is useful for your entire workplace and their individual roles? Make sure all of this is carefully laid out before you start.


When done effectively, gamification can help users understand how ERP tools can streamline specific processes and offer 360-degree insight. Leverage use cases to create relevant scenarios and role-play activities that demonstrate how the software will be utilized for daily tasks. You could also divide activities into levels, which will both encourage users to advance their knowledge and give users an overview of the skills they need to learn.


There’s nothing like a cash prize or a pre-paid dinner to motivate your employees to level up. But in addition to these tangible rewards, you can also associate accomplishing tasks with meeting KPIs, receiving a promotion or gaining a bonus. This gives users an idea of how their ERP usage can impact their careers and the company at large. On the flip side, when a user lapses in their training or adoption of the system, you could associate these slip-ups with losing a sale or delaying a delivery to represent how poor user adoption will hurt the business.


For some people, competition is an even greater incentive than rewards. Keep your work environment in mind when thinking of the competitive aspect of your ERP change management processes. Some individuals might be intensely competitive with themselves, whereas others might prefer taking on their coworkers for some friendly competition.


Social media can serve as a great tool to gamify ERP projects. Users can connect with each other, exchange learning tactics and post their achievements to motivate each other. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box: Give each “player” an avatar on their social media platforms or have teams come up with names and accounts.

Speaking of teams, remember that users and departments will require various levels of ERP understanding and utilize different modules and tools. Create teams based on the specific skills and modules they will need to become familiar with. This enables users to help each other with relevant features. Each team should be assigned activities and training targeted specifically to their roles in the company.

Start a New Game

Game over. Everyone has beaten their levels and mastered the ERP system.  Now what? If gamification proved an effective strategy for your implementation, consider gamifying more workplace activities. Using sophisticated tracking and analytics tools, such as those in Epicor ERP, you can pay attention to metrics and KPIs to find areas in need of improvement. Reward points and prizes to users based on these metrics. Divide activities necessary for executing a project or designing a strategy into levels. Again, think outside the box to continually encourage users.

However, gaming isn’t for everyone. Retain traditional learning methods and motivation tactics to appeal to a wide range of workers.

Wrap Up

Getting your workplace pumped to make major changes can be tough, but a little bit of creativity and some careful planning can bring your employees together to work towards business improvements and even have fun in the process.

To achieve high user adoption, seek out software experts. At Datix, we’ve been able to deliver comprehensive software solutions to manufacturers and distributors for over 20 years because of our commitment to innovation and following best practices. We’re an Epicor Gold Partner that specializes in implementing ERP, CRM, eCommerce, BI and more solutions that align with each client’s goals. From change management to customization, our premier consultants guide businesses through every step of their software journeys.

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