ERP Powers Industry 4.0 Manufacturing

ERP Industry 4.0

Epicor ERP and Industry 4.0

Manufacturers have long relied on a network of IT platforms, machines and devicesBut with today’s competitive landscape and rising customer demands, these solutions aren’t enough. The most recent wave of industrial trends is focused on bringing enterprise technology together to maximize productivity. 

This wave has been called the Industry 4.0, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Advancements in AI, IoT, big data, cloud computing and more have enabled employees to stay connected to the shop floor and their data at all times. ERP is the glue that holds together these solutions to provide instant access from top to bottom 

For nearly 50 years, Epicor ERP has kept up with the changes in manufacturing technology. The latest version of Epicor 10 includes the cutting-edge features manufacturers need to drive enterprise growth. We’ve provided the following video and list to explain how ERP supports Industry 4.0 manufacturing.  


How ERP Supports Industry 4.0

  • Without ERP, your IoT devices could create more data silos that inhibit visibility. ERP collects IoT metrics and other enterprise data in one place for easy access and collaboration. 
  • ERP interprets the mass amount of data collected through Industry 4.0 technologies to deliver actionable insights.
  • Real-time data processing ensures ERP users are getting instant insights from the shop floor. 
  • Cloud ERP includes the ease and reach to help you transform and track processes across the globe.
  • Built-in ERP security will help you protect any data filtered in from your connected devices.  
  • Scalable ERP solutions enable businesses to adopt new technology to create a digital enterprise. 
  • Mobile ERP apps and functionality give users information on the go.  
  • Epicor IoT generates a real-time view of your shop floor, giving you information from your equipment and assets to identify issues, schedule maintenance and avoid downtime.  
  • The Epicor Virtual Agent uses AI to automate processes and generate forecasts and reports.  
  • Epicor Advanced MES automatically monitors quality, assets, production and everything else on the shop floor to optimize accuracy and efficiency.  

Wrap Up 

The combined power of ERP software and Industry 4.0 technology drives smart manufacturing. Epicor ERP includes the robust tools you need to become a factory of the future. 

An Epicor Gold PartnerDatix will help you capitalize on ERP functionality to take your manufacturing performance to the next level. Our certified consultants will work with you from start to finish to provide all the software solutions and services required to fuel business growth. 

Become an Industry 4.0 manufacturer. Get started by contacting an ERP expert at Datix today!  


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