Ultimate ERP Implementation Plan E-Book

Enterprise software projects are known for sapping funds and taking way longer than expected to complete. When it’s all said and done, jobs hinge on the ERP implementation plan or CRM implementation strategy employed, the end-system is responsible for the company’s future revenue growth, and the businesses that fail in this process often face difficult futures.

Mitigating risk is the name of the game for a success CRM or ERP implementation plan. Organizations often put these projects off due to the risk and headache that they are known for. Unfortunately, putting the project off can cost your business money too; raising the stakes even further for these critical implementations. So what’s a company to do?

In our 17 years of experience, we’ve developed a strong sense of what makes and breaks these projects. The comprehensive information below is a basic 101 education that we share with all of new employees to help them all understand how to properly mitigate risk inside of these projects. Some of it is technical process information, some of it is high-level theory on how to ensure ROI and project success.

Ultimately, everyone that reads this entire 21 page e-book will come away with a solid education around how to approach any kind of enterprise software project and mitigate the associated risks.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Improve and Grow To Generate Software ROI |Pages 4-6|

Chapter 2: Why Processes Are More Important Than Software |Pages 7-13|

Chapter 3: Why You Should Strive To Build A Connected Enterprise |Pages 13-20|

Who should down load the Ultimate CRM and ERP Implementation Plan E-Book?

Any business interested in better understanding….

  • Better project management practices for an ERP implementation or CRM implementation
  • The critical project roles that result in software ROI
  • How to best measure project ROI from start-to-finish
  • The pitfalls and risks most businesses are exposed to in these projects
  • ERP & CRM Integration Best Practices that can be used during implementation to increase transparency and communication
  • How to integrate systems to enhance value and accelerate go-live time
  • and much more…

Your business doesn’t have to fall victim to the stats above (via Gartner). As we repeat over and over again in the e-book, mitigating project risk and generating system ROI is not overly complex; however it does require an education. That full 101 education is available in our 21 page book available for download above.

If you are looking for a comprehensive ERP implementation plan or CRM guide… this is it! It’s too much content for a blog page, and includes proprietary information that our consultants normally only share with our ERP clients, but we believe by making this information available to organizations interested in these type of projects that we further position ourselves as a market leading CRM and ERP consulting firm.

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