Comprehensive ERP Reviews Guide

Comprehensive ERP Reviews Guide

What is the e-book, and how should we use it?

To the right you’ll find a form that will allow you to download a comprehensive comparison of  today’s most compared ERP systems. The book is a collection of the best ERP reviews we’ve collected that compare these systems to each other.

Over the past 17 years, our experts have spent an immeasurable amount of time with clients evaluating software that can help them meet their business needs. Throughout that process one thing has remained a constant truth. Selecting the right software is about selecting the right tool for the right job. A part of this process is conducting ERP reviews.

No one tool is a best fit for every type of business, industry, or organization’s size. This means a significant amount of due diligence is needed for organizations to select a system that will properly support their business processes and enable them to extract the maximum amount of ROI from their ERP software project.

erp reviews ofBusinesses that place an emphasis on software, and don’t first consider the processes that their software will support, often fail (end up over budget, fail to adopt the system, etc.). The cost of this failure is significant. That’s why considering processes on the front end of your system selection procedure is so important.

That’s why we’ve created this guide for looking at the best unbiased ERP reviews. It’s a way for businesses to easily see the strengths and weaknesses of each system in comparison to each other. This will better allow you to determine which one may best support the processes that your businesses employs.

Hopefully, with the help of this e-book, your business can start to perform the necessary due diligence required to ensure that your next ERP software system:

  1. Generates ROI
  2. Is Adopted By Users
  3. Supports Organizational Processes and Outcomes

What systems are compared?

We take a comprehensive and in-depth look that conducts ERP reviews of Epicor 10, Dynamics AX, Infor, Sage X3, Netsuite, and QuickBooks (financials only). These systems are often considered inside of many of the same organizations, and Datix has helped businesses evaluate and select every single one. Each one fits better than another inside of different scenarios.

Help your business make the right selection and download our e-book using the form above. There are comprehensive ERP reviews inside of the e-book for all of the systems listed below.

About Datix:

Datix has been implementing and designing enterprise software solutions for the last 17 years. Datix consults with manufacturing and distribution businesses in the mid-market to assist in building out their enterprise software systems. That’s our M.O. We’ve built partnerships with some of the most popular software used inside of these businesses, and have created a powerful reputation as an expert who understands how all these systems should work together.

At Datix, we get it. We know enterprise software, and can visualize how it can work to support a wide range of different business objectives. We are innovative thought leaders that are constantly developing proprietary applications and solutions based on the challenges we see clients face the most. Businesses work with us when they want to mitigate risk, solve problems, and improve the way their business operates.


Please see Epicor ERP, Infor ERP, and the other solutions we offer.

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