Epicor® User Codes in Drop Down Box Tutorial

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Epicor® User Codes in Drop Down Box Tutorial

Epicor® User Codes are a great way to dynamically manage values in a drop down box in Epicor®. We use them in many of our customizations, but because the system does not fill properties out for you it is easy to forget how to set them up.

To use User Codes you must add an EpiCombo to a screen or dashboard. I’m not going to cover that process here. This post picks up after EpiCombo has been added. The values are samples and should be updated to match your customization.

You can also use this configuration to pull data from any business object into a EpiCombo box.

Field Description Value
EpiBinding On a screen this is the field where the value is stored. This field is not used on dashboard Customer.ShortChar01
DisplayMember The field you want displayed in the drop down box. CodeDesc
EpiBOName The business object that will be used to retrieve the data. UserCodes
EpiColumns A list of columns you want displayed in the drop down box. For this example leave it blank.  
EpiDataSetMode Determines which method to call to retrieve the data. ListDataSet returns less data than RowsDataSet RowsDataSet
EpiFieldName Leave this blank for this example
EpiTableName The table name to retrieve data from. UDCodes
RetreiveOnActivate Set to true to retreive the data when the EpiCombo is activated true
ValueMember The field name that contains the value to be stored. This is usually a key field like CodeID or CustID. CodeID
SearchFilter A where clause to filter the results. For the user code example you want to filter by CodeTypeID this is a value you define when you setup the user codes. CodeTypeID = ‘CUSTTYPE’


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