Epicor®-Salesforce Integration: The Best Way to Integrate

Epicor® Salesforce Integration

Many manufacturers are looking to integrate their Salesforce CRM with their Epicor® ERP (including Kinetic, Prophet 21, and BisTrack). There are numerous integrations that claim to be able to fully integrate these two applications, but many fall short of allowing you to actually operate out of one system and create a single source of data. Unity: Integration by Datix was designed as a pre-built application to specifically integrate Epicor® and Salesforce. Here are a few reasons why Unity beats the other integration platforms as the best Epicor®-Salesforce integration solution.

Data Integration: Operate Out of One System

Most clients want an integration because they want to see all their data up to date and in one place. They want their software to create a single source of truth for their staff, as opposed to having to manually enter or find data in multiple systems. When you use a Unity integration, our team prepares your data for a seamless data migration. If you are implementing an Epicor® ERP or Salesforce CRM for the first time, or if you already are using both systems, Datix has your back. We ensure that data is migrated so that there are no duplicate data points (like duplicate customer account information) and everything is organized together.

Once you have an Epicor®-Salesforce integration, it will be simple to find the data you need organized intuitively. For instance, your Accounts Receivable Customer Records will have data fields from both platforms together, like having the “Customers Ship To” and “Bill To” addresses from Epicor® with your Salesforce contact information.

Accurate Data without Lag

For manufacturers, data is constantly being changed as inventory fluctuates, new orders come in, and products are delivered to customers. For an integration to be successful, it must allow you to see current data instead of being confused by “stale,” out-of-date information. It also must do this without causing excessive lag time or system crashes. With Unity, data is continuously updated seamlessly. You can pull up the information you need within moments and be confident that it is up to date. Talk to our team about integrating with Unity.

API Limits, and Batch Record Processing

To understand why Unity is the best integration for Epicor® and Salesforce, it is necessary to consider API limits, and batch record processing. These are particularly relevant because of how Salesforce is set up. One of the most important factors to remember about Salesforce is its API limits. Salesforce was built to maintain uptime, which is a major benefit to the platform, but a consequence of this benefit is that the program has API limits in place for its editions. This means that Salesforce puts a limit on the number of requests your system can process, and if you go over your allotted amount, you get charged more.

Not all integrations are designed with API limits in mind, so some companies are forced to spend thousands of dollars because they constantly go over their Salesforce API limit. Fortunately, Unity was built to optimize API request usage by taking advantage of batch processing.

Before diving into what this means, we need to understand the difference between single record processing and batch processing. Single record processing puts in an API request every time you want to update a record. That means every time you need to adjust something, you need to put in an API request. In contrast, batch processing updates many records from a single API request. You still get the adjustments you need, but for a fraction of the API requests.

Integrations with single record processing only update one record at a time, so they are far more likely to exceed API limits. In addition, running so many individual records strains your system and can lead to lag time even for software designed to run quickly like Salesforce.

Part of what makes Unity such a great integration is that it processes records in batches, which yields far fewer API requests. You can stay within your API limits and operate using a more efficient system. Don’t let a subpar integration stifle your Salesforce usage. Learn what Unity can do for you.


Unity is designed to scale and handle whatever you could possibly need. Our batch record processing makes scalability simpler, and we tested our system extensively during its development to ensure that it can handle large data transfers. Our system has already successfully processed over 350 million records and we continue to monitor our system to maintain optimal results (learn more about the importance of scalability).

Fully Managed

Throughout the entire integration process, Datix has your back. We work with you to tailor your integration to your specific company needs and our Unity Support Team will continue to monitor your system once your integration is set up. Because Unity is fully managed, our team takes care of overseeing the system, adding the most up-to-date features, reviewing firewall security, and executing software updates. You can even speak to our team directly by phone or email. Hear more about what the Unity Support Team has to offer.

Wrap Up

An Epicor®-Salesforce integration is meant to make your business processes easier and the process of transitioning to an integration doesn’t need to be hard. Work with our team at Datix to discover how to simplify your software with an integration.

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