4 Ways to Configure Purchase Orders in ERP

Accurate purchase orders are essential for the success of your organization. The right ERP configurations make it simple for your teams to correctly execute POs every time. As we spoke about in our previous blog, it is possible to simplify and reduce errors in purchase orders in an ERP like CloudSuite Industrial (CSI). Here are a few ways you can tailor your purchase orders to take your business to the next level.

1) Filter Controls

Your ERP probably has a lot of different options in your dropdowns for adding data to critical fields. Instead of expecting your teams to constantly scroll through dozens or hundreds of options, you can set up certain fields to automatically filter in different ways. This could include:

  • Filtering by vendor association
  • Seeing only purchased items

The best ERP configurations are ones that are easy to use accurately. Filtering will save your teams a lot of headaches, and yes, time, by making it quick to input the data you need. If you want to set up filters in your purchase orders, talk to the experts at Datix. As a one-stop shop with 25 years’ experience, let our team take your business to the next level.

2) Require Key Information

This is a fundamental one, but you need to require fields! If you can’t move a purchase forward without a piece of data, then it must be required. To build a strong foundation for applying your ERP, talk to an ERP partner like Datix. After thousands of ERP implementation, we know what to expect during the process and will support your organization every step of the way as your ERP needs evolve.

3) Configure Barcodes Effectively

Barcode configurations make your life so much easier and reduce input errors. Take advantage of barcode prefixes, combination barcodes, and cross-referencing barcodes so that you don’t get items or parts confused with one another as you switch between views. By requiring certain barcode prefixes in certain fields, you can decrease the number of mistakes that get entered into your system.

4) Purchase Order Creation Based on Order Plan Items

Order plans allow you to anticipate how much of an item you will need by a certain date. Instead of ordering from vendors blindly as parts are nearly out of stock, you can configure your system so that purchase orders are created based on order plan items. This proactive approach means that you never need to worry about running out of necessary items and it can be automatically triggered based on your inventory levels.

Wrap Up

Configuring your purchase orders is simple for a trusted ERP partner like Datix, but it can pay dividends in the efficiency of your teams. Take your business to new heights by tailoring your ERP solution.

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