Epicor ERP Whips Your Production Floor into Shape

Epicor ERP Production Management

Epicor ERP for Production Management 

Manufacturers must quickly churn out and deliver quality products that satisfy customer demand and comply with regulations. On top of that, they often need to manage global plants and handle massive amounts of sensitive data without sacrificing productivity. Sound like too much to take on? Well, it is—unless you have the right enterprise resource planning software. ERP technology continues to become more robust and more available to manufacturers of all sizes, making it a must for diligently running your business.

As you seek out manufacturing ERP software, be on the lookout for robust production management modules that can get your shop floor into tip-top shape. One vendor with comprehensive production management tools is Epicor ERP. Below, we go into the Epicor modules that will maintain quality and efficiency throughout your shop floor.  

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Job Management

Production control starts with effective planning and scheduling. Epicor’s job management module enables users to easily access all job-related actions in one view via the planning workbench. Employees can access details for every job, giving them full insight and scheduling control. Advanced tracking capabilities keep users on top of quality, scrap, rework, productivity and material shortage in real time to increase efficiency.

Lean Production

Epicor’s lean production module empowers manufacturers to master lean practices. Kanban functions support pull production to automate operations and drastically reduce inventory. Everything from direct stock replenishment to visibility of future demand is managed in real time if users decide to trigger Kanban flows. To keep track of your efficiency and waste, use the production activity tracker to measure lean performance metrics.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Epicor MES is an online system that offers 24/7 visibility into your plant operations. By integrating with other production management modules, MES eliminates dual data entry and streamlines everything from transaction tracking to labor reporting in an easy-to-use interface. Its user-friendly system provides real-time plant floor data to enable manufacturers to streamline processes, enforce lean manufacturing and ensure the enterprise is operating smoothly. For even greater control, Epicor’s Advanced MES (Mattec) module provides real-time machine monitoring, measures energy consumption, delivers in-depth quality management and includes other sophisticated features to optimize shop floor performance. 

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI)

Epicor EMI is the key to leveraging big data in your manufacturing plant. With over 1000 analysis choices available out of the box and a user-friendly interface, employees have access to data they didn’t even know they had. Its automated, real-time data collection provides instant visibility into your entire shop floor to enhance productivity, empower smart decision-making, mitigate risk and diminish waste. Users can also create closed-loop processes to reduce downtime.

Wrap Up

Powerful manufacturing performance depends on data-driven strategies and simplified operations. Epicor ERP includes all the production management tools required to maintain the highest manufacturing standards. But success relies on more than ERP vendor capabilities. To maximize efficiency on your shop floor, team up with certified Epicor consultants.

Datix, an Epicor Gold Partner, is a leader in delivering Epicor implementations, customizations, integrations and more to transform your manufacturing floor. We have over 20 years of experience with midmarket manufacturing and value-added distribution clients. Our certified consultants understand your business and know how to enhance the value of your ERP software from start to finish. 

Ready to whip your production floor into shape? Reach out to Datix’s ERP experts today!


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