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Epicor ERP Global Business

ERP for International Growth 

The global nature of manufacturing and distribution has introduced exciting opportunities—as well as some challenges. International businesses must somehow capitalize on new prospects while maintaining supply chain visibility and compliance. Fortunately, enterprise software has kept up with these growing demands. Past software platforms couldn’t facilitate global connectivity without IT teams undergoing complex integrations between systems, which often failed to deliver the expected results. Now, ERP vendors have unlocked the power of cloud computing and other innovations to drive international expansion. 

A vendor that has proven especially successful in crafting ERP solutions for global business success is Epicor. Epicor ERP enables manufacturers and distributors to control their processes throughout their foreign locations, so they can maintain productivity and customer satisfaction no matter how large they grow. We’ve detailed three ways to use Epicor to support worldwide operations. 

360-Degree Visibility 

A global manufacturer can’t afford to lose track of international operations, making Epicor’s comprehensive solution essential for streamlined performance. Epicor’s global multi-plant management enables manufacturers to consolidate information across databases and countries. An array of integrated modules puts planning and scheduling, supply chain management, inventory supervision and other critical processes within your control, no matter if they’re occurring on your site or outsourced to a foreign distributor. This connectivity eliminates potential hiccups in your operations. For example, automated route scheduling leverages various tools to support global distribution needs, so customers around the world receive orders on time.  

Additionally, Epicor empowers users to track suppliers, quality metrics, transactions and more from a single dashboard. Users can personalize their dashboards to quickly access and drill down into the most relevant information. With real-time, accurate data at your fingertips, you can make better business decisions. Instead of gathering information from a number of disparate systems, pull data from one ERP solution that encompasses all parts of your business. This level of insight makes it possible to maintain total visibility into your worldwide operations.  

Cloud Hosting 

Connecting your global enterprise processes is nearly impossible without the help of the cloud. When a business adds new sites or is merged into a larger company, it becomes tedious and expensive to build multiple on-premises servers. Maintaining real-time data across several locations also isn’t feasible. With Epicor deployed in the cloud, KPIs and analytics are kept up-to-date across the globe. Plus, processes are automated across sites. When you’re ready to add new locations, you can just change your data plan rather than exhaust your IT resources on hardware installations. This level of ease and scalability makes cloud ERP a must for international business success. 

When hosted in Microsoft Azure, your ERP becomes especially trustworthy for global management. Azure serves over 50 regions around the world. Additionally, Microsoft’s expansive sprawl of servers and data centers ensures rapid recovery and high-speed connections. Azure also helps users with one of the trickiest aspects of international business: compliance. The platform meets a variety of compliance standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA and country-specific regulations. With Epicor in the cloud, global manufacturing and distribution are safer and faster than ever.  

Financial Management 

International expansion also introduces new challenges to your financial management strategy, such as complex regulations. Epicor’s financial management module assists in this area by including global engines which add accounting agility to grant you full control over accounts and reports. Furthermore, its Country Specific Functionality (CSF) supports global, regional and local accounting and reporting standards, so you can stay on top of compliance measures and avoid hefty fines.  

Another difficulty of global finance is handling multiple currencies. Epicor also supports this challenge with its multicurrency management tools, which automate buying and selling in foreign currencies and track exchange rate tables and default currencies. Datix’s expert ERP consultants made this functionality more robust by creating Unity X. Unity X integrates Epicor with XE Currency Data API, the leading exchange authority. This solution automatically transfers XE exchange rates into Epicor, reducing manual data entry and increasing accuracy. With Unity X and Epicor, manufacturers and distributors can rest assured that they have the correct currency data to conduct business anywhere.  

Wrap Up 

Managing operations and business transactions across the globe requires powerful strategies and infrastructure. With Epicor at the core of your enterprise, you have the robust support in place to keep processes running smoothly and maintain in-depth insight.  

But how will you implement Epicor ERP in line with your specific goals? That’s where Datix comes in. We’re an Epicor Gold Partner with over 20 years of experience in executing ERP projects. Our expert consultants work closely with manufacturing and distribution clients to ensure their software meets their unique requirements. With our Unity and Unity X integration solutions, we can connect Epicor with an array of systems to generate even greater productivity. We’re also a certified Epicor Managed Hosting Partner, making us a trusted source for deploying ERP in Microsoft Azure. 

When you team up with Datix, international business success is within reach. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our comprehensive enterprise software solutions and services!  


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