Epicor ERP Powers 360-Degree Manufacturing Visibility

Epicor ERP Manufacturing Visibility

Epicor for Manufacturing Transparency 

We all know that you can’t fix problems if you don’t even notice them. That’s why manufacturers the world over experience painful losses when they lack visibility into their operations. Gaps between processes, locations and departments drive companies to their breaking point. But there is a way to save your organization—implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. 

For over 20 years, our consultants have witnessed manufacturers across the globe transform their operations and gain new business by implementing the right ERP solution. A strong ERP system such as Epicor can drive 360-degree transparency across your enterprise, enabling users to instantly address issues and streamline processes. Keep reading to discover how Epicor can fuel end-to-end visibility. 

Supply Chain Visibility 

Robust manufacturers should always be in tune with their supply chain. However, with so many moving parts, this proves a tall order, especially for businesses managing processes from multiple systems. When you don’t have a single solution to provide a complete picture of your supply chain, mistakes begin to creep into your production lines. Nobody realizes how a machine became overbooked. A piece of equipment is running at low efficiency without anyone even noticing. Materials show up several weeks late. When manufacturers can’t identify and correct issues, they incur serious delays, costs and downtime.   

To protect enterprises from these critical shortcomings, Epicor imbues visibility into every step of the supply chain. Epicor’s dynamic home page includes embedded business intelligence and user-friendly tools, enabling employees to easily access quality metrics, track production lines and more. The software is sophisticated enough to detect even the smallest dips in manufacturing performance and locate the exact source of the problem.  

The Advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES), for example, collects real-time data from machinery to show a detailed picture of your shop floor and where improvements can be made. Kanban tools also provide suppliers and downstream cells with up-to-date visibility into future demand to optimize production planning and minimize waste. Material Requirements Planning (MRP) helps users process Bills of Materials (BOM) and order quality supplies in line with demand. With the ability to instantly detect errors, Epicor empowers users to avoid product recalls, breaks in production and other manufacturing disasters.  

Multi-Site Transparency 

Increasingly, manufacturing supply chains extend well beyond a single site to encompass an array of global suppliers, offices and plants. Even if one location runs smoothly, that doesn’t really do your business any good if other sites don’t follow through with the next steps quickly and accurately, or if various plants don’t even know the status of operations and orders throughout the enterprise.  

That’s why Epicor ERP includes several features to drive global transparency. Epicor’s holistic solution provides insight into planning and scheduling, supply chain management, finances and other essential processes. Its multicompany management capabilities create virtual views of the entire enterprise, allowing users to access orders across companies, even if they operate from separate databases. Epicor also automates buying and selling in foreign currencies through its multicurrency management module and supports businesses operating in multiple languages. 

By automating functions across locations and consolidating operations such as procurement and accounts payable, Epicor helps you maintain high efficiency, regardless of your business’s size or complexity. 

Insight into Inventory 

One of the biggest blind spots for manufacturers is inventory. It’s far too common for manufacturers to experience stock-outs or write off copious amounts of inventory every year. Epicor’s inventory management module is designed to reverse this trend by aligning inventory levels with lean manufacturing principles. Sophisticated tracking tools provide insight into production quality, shelf life, lot-controlled products and more across multiple warehouses. The software instantly updates inventory valuation based on your company’s costing method. It also automates several shipping and processing functions. Using a color-coded or barcode scanning system, manufacturers can track products and shipments from request to fulfillment. 

Kanban metrics and pull production features will also help you enforce demand planning and reduce inventory. Advanced analytics show users exactly how much to produce every day, how many employees to schedule and how many manufacturing lines to run, so you can avoid unnecessary processes and surplus inventory. With Epicor ERP, manufacturers gain unprecedented visibility and agility in their inventory management practices. 

Wrap Up 

Manufacturing success can’t be achieved without a powerful ERP platform. A comprehensive view of every facet of your business is only possible when your data and tools are easily accessible in one system. For over 45 years, Epicor has designed its ERP solutions with an array of manufacturers in mind. With over 1000 worldwide consultants and support available for over 30 languages, Epicor is a premier vendor for global software solutions. The provider stays up with the latest industry trends to ensure users always have the best functionality at their disposal. 

An Epicor Gold Partner, Datix is a leading ERP consulting firm. We’ve transformed businesses all over the world with our software solutions and services. We harness the power of Epicor’s diverse tools and modules to introduce greater agility and transparency into each client’s operations. From rapid implementations to customizations and integrations, our expert consultants do what it takes to enhance your business performance. 

To optimize visibility and productivity across your organization, contact Datix to start your ERP project!  


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