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How Does Epicor® ERP Transform Manufacturing?

Change is rarely comfortable. Manufacturers often delay introducing a new infrastructure into their work environments simply to avoid this discomfort. This delay, however, often ends up creating more distress than taking on a software implementation. As we’ve described time and time again on our blog, companies can experience tremendous improvements and avoid major business failures by carefully implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

The best way to understand the benefits of ERP is to find stories from the businesses that have come out victorious after completing their implementation projects. Read on into a few of our success story cases to demonstrate how Epicor® ERP transforms a variety of industries.

A&D ERP Success Story

A problem that ERP consultants often encounter is a client who has let their ERP solution go out of date. In the case of AIM Aerospace, they executed an Epicor® Vantage solution back in 2009, but rather than wait until their instance began to slow down, they updated to Epicor® ERP 9 in 2011 and have taken a proactive approach to upgrades and training since that time. Their regular updates enabled them to efficiently run their high-volume, MTO manufacturing operations. 

One of the largest causes of ERP failure is poor organizational change management (OCM). To avoid this pitfall, AIM leveraged tools from Epicor® University and Epicor® Knowledge Mentor to give its large user base an adept understanding of the modules and functions. Epicor® training content showed employees how to use the system as it was configured to their unique work environment. With this specified training, AIM users became familiar or reacquainted with features quickly to allow for a speedy return on their investment and a 100% adoption rate.  The aerospace and defense organization’s successful use of Epicor® ERP is due not only to the system’s robust capabilities but also to AIM’s commitment to complying with ERP best practices.  

Electronics Manufacturing ERP Success Story

A common misconception is that ERP deters lean manufacturing efforts because of the costs required to initially get the system up and running. However, when utilized strategically, ERP enables manufacturers to master lean processes. RiverSide Electronics found this to be the case when they implemented their Epicor® ERP solution to streamline operations in their two facilities. After their ERP instance went live, they experienced faster production cycles and were able to identify production deficiencies, eliminate bottlenecks and enhance capacity without adding new equipment.

Without Epicor®, the electronics manufacturer couldn’t effectively manage inventory and communicate with customers. Their ERP solution provided full visibility in both locations, captured information in real time and enabled users to track every part and component throughout the supply chain.

Metalforming ERP Success Story

Companies that have been in operation for several decades have a tendency to avoid implementing new technology. After all, if they’ve been successful for so long, why take the risk of trying something different? But a manufacturer incurs greater risks by refusing to update their processes, as the competition is bound to surpass them. Plus, these organizations can take their business to the next level by introducing ERP into their workplace. Case in point: Mid-West Metal Products. This metalforming business has manufactured metal products for about 100 years, but when they saw some growth and changes in their organization, they made the smart choice of implementing Epicor® ERP.

Epicor’s® robust data analytics tools enabled the company to establish metrics and benchmarks that their previous system couldn’t supply. This increased insight uncovered several production inefficiencies. By tackling these problems, Mid-West Metal Products cut labor costs by 20% while increasing sales by 30%. The company also experienced improvements in their general ledger reporting, task automation and order processing. Epicor® ERP served as a wise investment for the manufacturer’s future growth.

Wrap Up

As these success stories indicate, Epicor® ERP provides a vast array of functions which align with the specific needs of manufacturers from several industries. But success is hard to come by if you take on an implementation alone. Datix has dedicated over 20 years to providing ERP, CRM, eCommerce and integration services and solutions under one roof. We’ve helped countless manufacturers and distributors with software projects. Our consultants specialize in business process modeling, use cases, organizational change management, configurations, customizations—everything you can imagine to execute your solution and ensure it supports your enterprise throughout its lifetime.

Get in touch with our Epicor® consultants today to start writing your success story!

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