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Epicor Cloud ERP 10

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As more and more of the technology and software industry have been turning to the cloud, the world of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been slower to catch up. In fact, the majority of ERP instances for manufacturing companies are still deployed on premise. However, ERP has made incredible strides the past few years in cloud computing, and manufacturers and distributors are increasingly recognizing the benefits of the cloud. 

Before the cloud, ERP systems could only be hosted through costly on-premises operations, taking up server space and requiring steep installation fees and immense training time (and money) to get off the ground. The cost of on-site systems could be prohibitively expensive for small to medium size businesses (SMBs). The cloud clears those boundaries; instead of large upfront costs, you pay a monthly subscription fee in order to access the cloud software.

And if the cost-saving potential doesn’t attract you, all of the features and revenue-driving functionality of an ERP system like Epicor 10 will. Epicor has long been at the forefront of providing an array of ERP deployment options and user-friendly functions. With both the release of Epicor 10.2 and the partnership with Microsoft Azure, cloud-hosted ERP is stronger than ever. Deploying Epicor 10 in the cloud could be the smartest move for businesses in search of affordable means to optimize operations. 

Why Epicor 10?

One of the most exciting advancements in the ERP sector, Epicor 10 was designed to support all of the functions that modern businesses must implement to thrive: enterprise collaboration, responsiveness and cross-platform functionality. Epicor Social Enterprise provides comprehensive social collaboration capabilities, like the ability for employees and users to track processes and send out updates about progress. The interconnected enterprise is truly the future of business and one of the greatest assets of modern enterprise software, and Epicor wants to encourage that collaboration by building it right into the software.

The announcement of Epicor 10 came with a complete move to the Microsoft stack, ensuring that the product can be fine-tuned to be deliverable on any hosting platform with the same user interface experience across all of the options. Another important announcement: the update allows cloud customers to support multiple legal entities within one hosting user. If you have franchises or multiple businesses under a single umbrella, it will be possible to be hosted within the same cloud server and benefit from being able to cross-track and collate data on that larger scale.

Now that Epicor 10.2 is available, businesses can reap even more benefits from their ERP instance. The most recent version offers a fresh homepage that empowers users to personalize the layout, design and information on their screens. That ensures employees can easily access the data most important to their activities. Dashboards are also embedded with Epicor Data Discovery, a business intelligence (BI) solution that increases insight and simplifies data exploration. With 10.2, employees are getting the most from their data. 

On top of that, Epicor announced at their latest Insights conference that they will be teaming up with Microsoft Azure. Epicor will start standardizing cloud deployments on the state-of-the-art Azure cloud platform to make their products even more agile and reliable. Additionally, they will take advantage of cutting-edge Azure tools that utilize AI, IoT and other innovative technology to drive insight across all devices. 

Epicor 10 Cost

One of the most appealing features of a web-based enterprise solution is an overall lower Total Cost of Ownership (Epicor estimates the solution is around 30-40% cheaper) than on-premises options. This makes it an ideal solution for small to mid-size businesses looking to bolster their processes with the foundational tools of an ERP instance without the significant investment of on-site hosting. An on-premises solution requires tens of thousands of dollars just to purchase the infrastructure and maintenance you will need to run the system. The low startup and subscription costs of cloud ERP won’t detract from your investment abilities and capital growth, which is partly why cloud deployment is such an attractive option for small and growing businesses.

Furthermore, as a cloud subscriber, you’re not missing out on any of the features offered in the on-premises application. In fact, you are also reaping the benefits of enhanced mobility and faster upgrades. Epicor 10 in the cloud will automate all system updates, so you don’t have to rely on memory and free time to upgrade your system. With the cloud, you’re always on top of ERP trends and never stuck with a lagging system that will just take longer to upgrade the further behind you get. 

The Cloud for SMBs

Besides being more cost-effective for businesses that cannot afford the investment and implementation time that comes with on-premises systems, cloud ERP is also more scalable. Whether your business has less than 10 employees or more than 100, you only pay the subscription free for the size of your hosting service. If that size changes all you have to do is start paying the different price rather than going through the hassle of acquiring all the hardware necessary to increase your on-site server space.

If you are a small business, you also know that every single employee is incredibly valuable and passionate about what your company does. You want them to stay that way—assigned to the tasks that are truly valuable and focused on growth, diversification and customer satisfaction. Cloud hosting ensures that. Businesses with limited IT resources also often find that cloud solutions free up their IT teams for the crucial work they were employed to do, not routine upkeep of lagging systems or going through the lengthy motions of upgrading software. You don’t need to hire extra employees just for training and adoption, and your existing team won’t be diverted—Epicor’s own team is entirely focused on looking after your software and ensuring it runs the way you need it to. Consequently, your entire team can focus on the actual mission of your company while Epicor 10 takes on the grunt work of maintenance.

Wrap Up

Sophisticated ERP software isn’t just for giant corporations any more. Manufacturers and distributors of all sizes can enjoy the latest E10 features and tools by opting for cloud deployments. With all the benefits that come with cloud hosting, it’s no wonder three-quarters of Epicor’s prospects are seeking out cloud ERP. Failing to make the move to the latest, cloud-hosted ERP solutions will put you behind the competition.

As an Epicor Platinum Partner, Datix can assist businesses at any stage of their ERP journeys, whether that’s a brand new instance, upgrade or cloud migration. We even go beyond ERP by offering CRM, eCommerce and integration solutions. Unity is our premier integration platform designed to seamlessly connect Epicor with various software systems without coding or extensive labor on your end. 

Let Datix be your partner in the digital age. Reach out to us today to equip your enterprise with optimal solutions!


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