Epicor Acquires docSTAR: What It Means for You


Adding to their formidable arsenal of cloud tools for enterprises, Epicor has announced that they have acquired docSTAR, a leading developer of document management software. The move highlights the leading ERP’s commitment to customer experience and functionality—no matter the industries they are serving.

docSTAR offers their enterprise content and document management software both in on-premise and cloud-based versions. It will allow Epicor to expand both their enterprise content management (ECM) offerings and also allow automated accounts payable by improving the software’s integration with Epicor in the short term, according to the ERP company’s press release.

Whether you’re an automotive manufacturer or making electronic devices, precision and total accuracy when it comes to your documents is key. Your business needs total confidence in your documents—both that you use for your processes and those that are shared externally to customers i.e. quotes or orders forms. That’s what docSTAR provides for its current base of nearly 2,000 customers and now, existing and new Epicor customers.

What’s more, because docSTAR also works in cloud-based software, your business will be able to enjoy the benefits of refined document management from anywhere you can access your SaaS Epicor. Say a salesperson needs to view or modify a document while they’re on an on-site client visit or spontaneously meeting a potential client while in the airport. Instead of promising to email the leads the information later when they have access to an on-site device with Epicor access, they can pull up the Epicor app and look through your business’ collection of content quickly. Instead of risking losing potential clients because your documents aren’t correct, or you can’t get the information to them quickly enough, you’ll be able to use your Epicor ERP to impress your lead and close deals faster!

Read our recent posts on Epicor 10’s latest features below and learn more about how the ERP vendor has made huge strides to improve customer experience and streamline business processes. The docSTAR move is just the latest in a long list of improvements.

Looking to implement Epicor in your own company, or learn more about all of the software’s modules and functionalities? Get in touch with one of our experts at Datix today! We specialize in Epicor ERP implementation, and have over 18 years of experience with the system—we’ll be able to give you the advice you need!

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