Enterprise Content Management: Essential for Business Growth

Enterprise Content Management

DocStar for Enterprise Content Management

For most companies, maintaining their documents isn’t at the top of their minds. A discrete manufacturer, for example, is more focused on building quality products in line with customer demand than managing content. However, a misspelled name or erroneous data can damage customer relationships and squash deals. That’s why it’s important to implement an enterprise content management (ECM) solution to streamline documentation and maintain accuracy.

Recent research sheds light on the degree to which ECM software can improve business practices. The survey found that 58% of businesses experiencing strong growth have an ECM solution, and 79% of stakeholders credit ECM for improving decision making and operational visibility. How are companies leveraging this technology to drive growth? Below, we explore the answer to this question.

Efficient Processes

You can’t work towards business growth if your documentation strategies are full of bottlenecks that waste both your employees’ and your customers’ time. Rather than search endlessly for the right version of a document, ECM stores your content in one place. When customers have questions, you can simply pull up the relevant information in your system and provide immediate answers.

ECM solutions can also transform your workflows to free up more time to generate new business and meet client demands. DocStar is an ECM system that proves especially effective in automating content management. It offers over 45 distinct workflow functions to enable countless workflow combinations, allowing users to align the system with their unique documentation processes. With the automation of common business activities such as AP invoice approval and order processing, your employees enjoy more time to focus on revenue-generating activities and decision making.

Increased Visibility

Accessing critical documents shouldn’t feel like a wild goose chase, but for organizations storing information across various systems and folders, this is often the case. ECM serves as a central hub for all documents, so users not only find content easily but also enjoy easy access to real-time updates and analytics. A simple keyword search can take employees to the right order or invoice in an instant. DocStar is sophisticated enough to uncover documents based on “fuzzy” searches, or searches that don’t exactly match the desired result. Businesses can leverage this immediate visibility to measure efficiency and find roadblocks. These metrics empower users to develop strategies that maximize productivity and take advantage of opportunities for business growth.

Risk Mitigation

Issues with compliance and security not only deter you from business growth but also put your operations at risk of falling apart altogether. Too many businesses rack up fees because of their failure to adhere to legal mandates. One barrier to compliance is hidden content. When documents disappear, your company loses critical insight and jeopardizes security. An ECM solution maintains content visibility and recovers invisible documents to protect your sensitive information. It can also assess files for threats and safeguard data with secure encryption. DocStar users enjoy additional protection, as granular permission settings ensure only authorized parties access content and audit trails identify areas of non-compliance.

Wrap Up

Enterprises have long underestimated the importance of ECM software, but the tide is turning. As compliance standards constantly change and more industries recognize the power of digital disruption, businesses are turning to ECM solutions to gain a competitive edge. One vendor on top of this development is Epicor. Epicor acquired DocStar ECM to provide all-encompassing ERP solutions for manufacturers and distributors. With DocStar ECM fully integrated into Epicor ERP, businesses enjoy end-to-end control from one platform.

For effective ERP solutions, look no further than Datix. We’re an Epicor Platinum Partner with over 20 years of experience in providing an array of solutions and services for manufacturing and distribution clients. We understand our clients’ needs and the comprehensive tools available from Epicor, including DocStar. With our expertise, we’ll have you seeing business growth and ROI in no time. Contact us today!


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