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Epicor Insights always promises to deliver a window into the future of ERP software. Insights is an annual conference hosted by Epicor for its customers to provide networking and learning opportunities to help users get the most from their enterprise software. This year, Epicor is upping the insight by inviting partners to exhibit their ERP solutions. As the only Epicor Platinum Partner with pre-built integration applications, Datix is one of a small number of partners to receive this exclusive opportunity. To give you a little preview into the event, we’re providing some details about the two premier ERP integration solutions that we will be showcasing at booth four of the Solutions Pavilion: Unity and Unity X.


We know Epicor users implemented ERP systems to take advantage of robust modules within an agile, cohesive infrastructure that is scalable and easy to use. Software integrations take the dynamic performance of your ERP instance to the next level. Our expert developers created Unity, our pre-built integration platform that uses sophisticated API technology to connect CRM and ERP systems into a single source of truth. By bridging gaps between your CRM and ERP instances, Unity provides a number of improvements to manufacturing and distribution processes:

  • Streamlined operations: The workflow automation you currently enjoy in your ERP instance can be spread throughout your enterprise. Capturing and validating data, routing requests to the right people, expediting orders, managing contracts—all of these operations can be streamlined throughout departments to increase efficiency and reduce errors.
  • Improved customer experiences: Enhanced speed and accuracy means quicker service and shipments for customers. Additionally, users across your business possess insight into front- and back-office data for a 360-degree view of customers. This data can be leveraged for effective sales and marketing strategies.
  • Fewer manual tasks: Employees often spend hours, days, even weeks on activities that an integrated solution can complete in a few minutes. Processing documents and approvals, sending the right information to the right people and other critical operations can be handled quickly and easily. Best of all, integrations mean no more manual or duplicate data entries. This not only cuts down on time but also increases accuracy to maintain your business’s integrity.

Unity empowers Epicor users to gain even more efficiency and transparency from their software. Unity can connect a variety of Epicor products such as Epicor ERP, Prophet 21 and BisTrack with an array of CRM vendors, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, HubSpot, Sugar and Pardot.

See how easy it is to integrate your CRM and ERP instances by checking out our Unity demo!

Unity X

Epicor includes several tools and modules for global management to ensure transparency and productivity no matter the size of your enterprise. However, our software developers noticed that users were still delegating manual exchange rate updates to an employee. This exposes businesses to a number of risks, as one wrong entry could result in accounting errors, bad deals and insufficient pricing. Plus, shouldn’t the employee spend less time on rote work and more time on revenue-generating tasks?

Unity X uses the same API technology that powers our Unity integrations to connect your Epicor multi-currency module with the XE Currency Data API platform. For over 20 years, has been the world’s most trusted authority for providing up-to-date exchange rates. Unity X automatically syncs currency rates from XE into your ERP system every day. This ensures that users are always equipped with accurate, updated exchange rates. Unity X is compatible with a variety of Epicor products to safeguard international businesses from making the wrong move in the global marketplace.

Wrap Up

As great as these solutions sound, prospective clients often fear that they are far too difficult to implement. That’s where our expert ERP and integration consultants come in. We work closely with our clients using our proven Strategic Solution Process to provide hassle-free integrations that will have businesses seeing ROI in no time. Our solutions are flexible enough to allow for configurations and customizations that align with each client’s specific goals. Best of all, deployments take only two to three days. Once installed, our consultants take care of errors and updates to protect your solution throughout its lifetime.

Come visit booth four at the Solutions Pavilion at Epicor Insights to learn how to operate your entire enterprise efficiently from one scalable system. If you can’t see us in Nashville from May 21-24, get in touch with us today! We’re always available to talk all things ERP.


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