Customize Applications Efficiently with Infor Mongoose

No Programming Language Knowledge? No Problem! 

Staying competitive—quickening agility, creating efficiency, developing strategy, positive business analytics, maintaining an environment of innovation—is dramatically changing the manufacturing landscape. Businesses can keep up, but what about day-to-day software systems? Aging technology platforms and rigid legacy structures prevent you from executing new business strategies when they should be one of your greatest assets.

With Infor Mongoose, you can regain control of your business and start implementing new successful, business strategies. It is an application development framework that lets you design and deploy applications to enhance your core enterprise solutions. Knowledge of complex source codes or programming language isn’t required to use the software. Creating enhancements in a fraction of the time and with less effort maintains that competitive edge for modern manufacturers. 

Simplified Software Development 

Responding to the changing business and software markets can be difficult for any business. Yet rapid change creates not only opportunity but risk. The concerns that keep manufacturing leaders up at night are always a mixture of risk and opportunity—taking a chance that leads to the final payout. But doing this requires extensive knowledge, an innovative landscape, and best practices, right?

Simplify with Infor Mongoose! Infor Mongoose has software development process that still allows businesses to create individualized platforms. 

With the tools pre-built in Infor Mongoose, you can respond rapidly and cost-effectively to emerging business requirements. The software also maximizes your ability to quickly and cost-effectively build anything, from simple web applications to complex ERP systems. Thus, allowing you to streamline business process flows and easily simply the knowledge base, innovative environment, and best practices requirements systematically.

Seamless Integration 

Today, software applications cannot live in isolation. They must be able to participate in business processes that involve multiple applications and do so in a wide variety of ways. When all of your software runs independently, you create information silos that generate duplicate data and results in missed opportunities. 

Infor Mongoose makes changes automatically upgradeable, accelerates development and increases quality. By minimizing program coding, your applications are also insulated from underlying technology changes. Since creating some new code is inevitable, the Mongoose framework makes the process easier to use by allowing your team to use standard, familiar technologies, and tools. Because Mongoose framework provides a simple, consistent interface and makes that interface available in a wide range of technologies, it allows external applications to query, update, and automate data processing.

Further, integration from within the Mongoose widget is straightforward. The framework provides several mechanisms that you can use to set policy inside the Mongoose application and initiate interactions with other systems. Integrate other software directly into the Mongoose screens with the Mongoose framework. The framework can be easily tailored to embed other applications inside them, so you can tightly integrate external applications at the user interface layer to maximize end-user productivity.

Create User-Friendly Software 

Developing an app to meet business requirements can take copious amounts of time and money under normal circumstances, but Infor Mongoose has been built to circumvent this headache.

By quickly building and deploying an app for your business, you’ve already optimized the use of Mongoose by saving those precise schedule blocks. With your business objectives and logic shared across all device types, creating a mobile or tablet version of your app is simple, fast, and hassle-free. The user-friendly interface spans from the time you decide to integrate Infor Mongoose through the time you actively use it.

The software is also dedicated to creating an intuitive interface that the user will find familiar. Applications designed using the Mongoose development framework bear the consistent look, feel, and task-based user experience of all other Infor applications. This user experience delivers a wide range of business benefits, including the ability to lower training costs and increase productivity as well as to speed the process of designing and extending the core application. 

Wrap Up

With Infor Mongoose you can rapidly develop robust enterprise capabilities based on your organization’s needs. Whether you need an intuitive consumer-grade web interface or a high-productivity form, Mongoose can help create the right experience with minimal coding. Producing feature-rich applications that are automatically upgradeable and deployable on-premises or in the cloud, Mongoose is a low-cost, unified development platform.

We are an Infor partner and have experience helping customers implement Infor software to meet their individual needs. By partnering with a company of shared values, Datix is able to provide a one-stop-shop business first approach for all of our clients from start to finish. 

Ready to take your business to the next level with an app built inside Infor Mongoose but not sure where to begin? Contact Datix to take the first step.


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