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Epicor ERP Supply Chain Management

Epicor Supply Chain Management 

A strong supply chain should link all the partners, processes and assets necessary to manufacture and deliver the final product. However, as manufacturing supply chains become increasingly complicated, businesses are experiencing disjointed processes that threaten their bottom line. 

Developing leading ERP solutions for over 45 years, Epicor possesses a deep understanding of manufacturing challenges. That’s why it designed its Supply Chain Management (SCM) suite to streamline operations. Epicor ERP gives you the end-to-end visibility and control you need to lower costs, reduce waste and maintain accuracy. To help you see how Epicor can transform your supply chain, we’ve provided the following video and described three of Epicor’s robust SCM modules.  

Purchase Management 

Epicor’s Purchase Management module is designed to reduce inventory, increase on-time deliveries and boost profits. By ensuring that products and materials are purchased at the best price and quality, the system provides agility and nuanced control. The following features increase the efficiency and accuracy of purchasing processes:  

  • Meet material requirements and delivery schedules by automating part suggestions, quantities and suppliers to buy from. 
  • Easily access purchase orders and receipts over extended periods of time. 
  • Quickly display information about any supplier, including open and historical purchasing transactions, and approve suppliers before placing orders. 
  • Instantly create receipt details for all lines, all releases for a specific line or individual lines and releases. 
  • PO receipt processing updates suggested supplier and provides detailed purchase history files to help users make purchasing decisions. 
  • Epicor’s fully automated Advanced Requisition Management (ARM) solution is an online workflow and purchase requisition tool that gains information on procurement spending, assigns preferred suppliers for specific products, sets spend limits for individuals and streamlines requisition tasks.  

Inventory Management 

Poor visibility into inventory is a common issue for manufacturers of all sizes. Epicor’s Inventory Management module gives users detailed tracking and nuanced control to ensure inventory strategies are in line with business requirements. Below, we’ve listed some of the ERP tools to help you maintain optimal inventory levels:  

  • Completely track costs and manage FIFO, Average, Lot, Last and Standard costs for individual part masters. 
  • Detailed audit control helps you with compliance and quality assurance.  
  • Maintain full part, material and product traceability.  
  • Generate lot numbers based on part-specific rules.  
  • Choose which unit of measure (UOM) to use for holding inventory. 
  • Select from multiple serial tracking options to track parts in accordance with nuanced business needs.  
  • Define global trade standards for each part to support international regulations.  
  • Utilize dashboards to check on MRP, shortage monitoring, reorder analysis, stock status and other aspects of inventory. 
  • Use MRP and/or Kanban to move inventory, source materials and support lean processes in line with unique business requirements.  

Warehouse Management 

To manage the supply chain from origin to consumption, your warehouse should be treated as a critical component of your supply chain. Epicor’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) includes robust logistics features to connect your warehouse with your manufacturing operations. Check out some of the key WMS functions: 

  • Track bins based on various attributes. 
  • Gain visibility into inventory owned by customers and suppliers, so you can assign inventory to the right job or sales order. 
  • Automate fulfillment processes and allocation of inventory for picking with predefined criteria.  
  • Group orders by warehouse area or zone, so workers can pick items for multiple orders at once.   
  • Use Epicor Handheld to automatically pick orders.  
  • View warehouse activity as well as the status of put, pick and pack transaction types through the Queue Tracker.  
  • Manage teams of employees and resource groups, ensuring people and equipment are assigned to the right operations.  

Wrap Up 

The supply chain is the lifeblood of any manufacturing business. Any chinks in your supply chain could hurt your profit margins or customer relationships. Epicor ERP’s comprehensive SCM suite enhances productivity and accuracy to elevate your manufacturing performance. 

Nobody knows Epicor better than Datix. An Epicor Gold Partner, we’ve been providing ERP solutions and services to manufacturers and distributors for over 20 years. Our certified consultants work with clients from start to finish to ensure they have top-of-the-line software on their budget.  

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