B2B Ecommerce Saves the Day for Midwest Distributor

B2B Ecommerce platforms can be creatively used by B2B companies. You do not have to be an Amazon or EBay to effectively use ecommerce to your advantage. One company, an animal healthcare product distributor needed a solution to make them competitive and keep their customers happy.

Case Profile

Henry Schein, the leader in animal healthcare product distribution successfully used Znode to implement a unique selling strategy.


Henry Schein is a B2B distributor out of Dublin, Ohio. They employ nearly 900 employees. Henry Schein specialized products and hardware including an extensive line of capital equipment and veterinary grade supply products.

What Was Needed

The company needed an ecommerce solution that would allow them to work with their over 400 manufacturer and support over 26,000 veterinary professionals nationwide. It is imperative for them to get the right product to the right person.

B2b ecommerce

The Software Solution

Znode allowed them to feature, update and sell their product offerings. They could sell private label products at an affordable value with a featured product section and images of the products. A buy-now program allows their partners to login and purchase directly online.  Having a site with the products listed allows for potential clients to get a complete view of the product lines. Znode is easy to update in terms of user features with dynamic site search and a single dashboard control. The eMerchandizing features are built in to allow a more personalized shopping experience. This makes it easy to show specific customers specific products based on their customer profile.

Featured promotions
Znode gives the option to highlights specials and featured products or promotions

Winning Results

Software simplified  Henry Schein’s selling options. With 15 strategically positioned, state-of-the-art distribution facilities and 10 inside sales centers nationwide, Henry Schein has a greater than 98 percent order-fill ratio. They are accomplishing their mission of “providing the right product, at the right place and at the right time.”

Source: Znode Customer Success

Datix is proud to be able to support Znode solutions. We would love to chat with your company about finding unique solutions for your B2B company.

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