Are You Prepared for Manufacturing Production Growth?

ERP Manufacturing Production Growth

Epicor ERP Supports Increased Production

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) recently released a report showing the Federal Reserve Board’s calculations of a staggering increase in manufacturing production over the past two years. Furthermore, NAM predicts that this trend will continue, with a rapid increase in manufacturing production forecasted for the next two years. After a difficult period for manufacturing in the early 2000s, the manufacturing industry’s rebound marks an exciting chapter in American business.

However, this surge in production has its drawbacks. Discrete manufacturers must increase their output without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction in order to stay competitive in the global marketplace. This can’t be done without enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. In this piece, we explain how an ERP implementation can keep manufacturers up to speed as the industry continues to prosper.

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Production Management

Manufacturers require full control of their shop floor, but when orders change or supply deliveries are missed, your factory can have a tough time bouncing back. That’s especially the case if your workforce is dependent on post-its and legacy technology to make schedules and manage data. ERP software removes this paper chain and provides sophisticated tools to keep operations on track, no matter what challenge comes your way.

Epicor’s production management suite includes interconnected modules that enhance visibility and support automated workflows. Using the job management module, employees can effectively control costing, product tracking, scheduling, routing and other essential functions. Users can easily identify areas of waste and modify production plans to align with customer demand. Epicor also includes Kanban functionality to automate pull production and help discrete manufacturers cut costs. No matter the volume of products being pushed out, Epicor ERP offers insight into key metrics and quality assurance tools to ensure you’re giving customers what they want.

Supply Chain Management

Manufacturers have to juggle a lot of moving parts to maintain an efficient supply chain. Your shop floor employees can’t effectively manage the supply chain and handle workplace or industry disruptions without ERP functionality. Epicor’s supply chain management (SCM) modules provide end-to-end insight, utilizing both real-time analytics and historical data to power visibility and accurate forecasting. Demand forecasting and inventory planning tools are integrated to enable users to make smart stocking and inventory management decisions. The Epicor Handheld module keeps employees in touch with processes and inventory from any mobile device. By integrating several modules into a robust SCM suite, Epicor improves transparency and supports collaboration throughout every step of the supply chain, from raw material purchasing to the point of consumption.

Wrap Up

The surge in manufacturing production offers exciting opportunities for businesses to increase revenue and expand into new markets. But this boost in production also puts a strain on manufacturers to increase throughput without jeopardizing quality. Epicor ERP connects a range of suites and modules seamlessly, enabling users to put effective process flows into action, keep operations in sync and enjoy insight into critical data. ETO, CTO, MTO, MTS—no matter your manufacturing needs, Epicor’s flexible ERP solutions can support your production strategies.

To reap the benefits of Epicor ERP, you need to have a solid implementation. That’s where Datix comes in. With 20 years in business providing ERP solutions to manufacturers and distributors and Epicor Platinum Partner status, Datix’s experienced consultants adroitly handle ERP implementations from start to finish. Plus, our expertise in ERP, CRM, eCommerce and integrations makes us a true one-stop shop for enterprise software needs. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our unparalleled services and solutions!


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