5 Tips to Consider When Selecting ERP Consulting Partner

5 Tips to Consider When Selecting ERP Consulting Partner

Finding and then selecting ERP consulting partners can be a lengthy and important process. Opting to go with an independent software implementer has great benefits. You know they have expertise in the software they are providing, but they can also provide you with other options. Say Epicor is not a good fit for your warehousing needs, we can find a solution that works better. The same goes for CRM. If your company is using an existing CRM platform we can integrate that into your ERP system. Check out our 5 tips when selecting an ERP consultant:

1. Ask About Industry Specific Knowledge

Look for a consulting company that specializes in your particular industry. We opted to specialize primarily in the midmarket manufacturing and distribution sector because of the software options available.

2. Look for References

Don’t be afraid to ask a potential consulting firm what companies they have worked with. When embarking on a project as monumental as an ERP implementation or even a system upgrade find out who has worked with that company in the past. Were they happy in the end? How did the software improve their overall operations? And would they recommend that firm?

3. More than a Consultant

Having a consulting firm that can implement and specialize in software selection is only one part of the equation. Find a consultant that will help you integrate existing systems. The goal here is to reduce manual entry between your sales and marketing data and your ERP data.

4. Availability Matters

We are able to offer as much on-site training and guidance is needed. Make sure your consulting partner is able to offer the amount of time and attention you need to complete the project.

5. Custom Solutions

Does your consulting firm have a team of developers who are able to offer custom coding? Our in-house development team brings years of experience from companies including New Balance and Anheuser Busch. They are able to offer custom coding when needed.


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