3 Reasons to Integrate ERP and eCommerce

Integrate ERP eCommerce 

Combine Magento and Epicor for Success

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, enterprise software integration provides the efficiency and accuracy to differentiate manufacturers and distributors from the pack. Though some businesses look at eCommerce as an unnecessary expense, our digital era requires companies to build online stores to meet growing consumer demands. Even after converting eCommerce skeptics into devout users, we still sometimes have a hard time convincing them of the importance of integrating eCommerce and ERP into one system. After all, what do the front-office tasks of transactions and customer service have to do with the back-office activities of inventory and HR?

Actually, a lot! The truth is that the data and processes of both front and back offices are intricately linked, making an ERP-eCommerce integration imperative for success.  In this post, we’re offering just three of the many benefits of integrating ERP and eCommerce—specifically Epicor ERP and Magento eCommerce. Built from APIs, both Epicor and Magento are flexible enough to enable businesses to easily connect the robust software platforms into one, streamlined system.

No More Duplicate Data

Without question, the greatest advantage of any software integration is having data in one place. The availability of integration platforms eradicates the need for manual data entry. That means no more duplicate data, no more tedious time wasted on entering data and far fewer errors. Magento has access to Epicor’s inventory data, allowing your site to advertise when a product is low on stock. In addition, order information from Magento automatically syncs into Epicor. When the time comes to execute revenue valuations, an integrated system rolls up receipts in real time and provides on-demand delivery of quarterly revenue variances to ease the process. There’s no reason to continue the risky, time-consuming activity of manually entering data in multiple systems. ERP-eCommerce integrations take away the stress by consolidating data into a single source of truth.

Attract Consumers

Creating a single source of truth does more than improve efficiency and mitigate risk. The combined powers of Magento and Epicor also create a reliable, comprehensive customer experience that will boost profits. Consumers crave accurate, up-to-date data, and that’s exactly what Magento and Epicor offer. When eCommerce and ERP are connected, data is updated in real time throughout your enterprise, ensuring that customers have precise knowledge about every product and order status.

However, dependable information and quality products aren’t enough when it comes to customer satisfaction. In the digital age, consumers won’t click “Add to Cart” if your online store isn’t fast and engaging. Fortunately, Magento provides drag-and-drop content management tools that enable marketers to enhance their website with third-party content (such as Google Maps and videos) and personalized content without hassle. Whether shopping on their phones or on their desktops, customers receive optimal speed and usability when they shop on a site powered by Magento.

Tax Compliance

Conversations about eCommerce often focus on the flashier topics of content management and customer engagement, but tax compliance is a necessity when maintaining your business’s credibility. When you sync Magento and Epicor, the tax codes and rates from your built-in ERP tax engine are applied to sales orders. Epicor will automatically collect the appropriate taxes based on the product and the customer’s location, ensuring compliance and accurate fiscal reporting so your business’s reputation and bottom line aren’t compromised by fines or interest payments on back taxes. Simply put, no business should incur the risk of implementing eCommerce without an ERP integration.

Wrap Up

Automated tasks, increased efficiency, accurate information, improved customer experiences, real-time data: all of these benefits and more make it imperative for manufacturers and distributors to integrate Epicor ERP and Magento eCommerce. But don’t rush to merge your systems on your own—reach out to Datix for a successful, comprehensive integration that will match the specific needs of your business. As an Epicor Platinum Partner and Magento expert, Datix knows how to skillfully execute your enterprise software project. We even built Unity, our pre-built integration solution that connects a wide array of software, including Magento and Epicor, into one robust system without any coding or hassle from your end. Unity’s sophisticated error handling and flexible architecture take the stress out of software to boost processes throughout your enterprise. 

If you’re ready to gain an edge over the competition, contact Datix for more information on our integration solutions!


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