3 Reasons to Implement Epicor® ERP

3 Reasons to Implement Epicor Blog

Implement Epicor® ERP for Enterprise Success

Businesses tend to stick with old systems and procedures—the “tried and true” method. However, the “tried and true” method will eventually infringe on your company’s success. While you remain committed to your Excel spreadsheets, your competitors are improving their processes on a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. If you stick with QuickBooks and other outdated systems for too long, you will find that data entry and processing errors are costing your workplace critical time and money.

At the end of the day, manufacturing success is all about growth, not complacency. Processes and enterprise technology cannot remain static if your company aims to continuously develop. In this post, we explain the three reasons why businesses should break old patterns and elevate their enterprise with an Epicor® ERP implementation.

1. Efficient Processes

When businesses become absorbed in their routines, they often fail to realize when tasks or legacy systems are wasting time—at least, until their technology becomes so outdated or full of bugs that inefficiencies become impossible to ignore. Companies that stick with spreadsheets are seldom aware that they’re sacrificing their data integrity and hurting their bottom line. Excel just isn’t built to handle immense datasets, and employees spend hours manually entering data in multiple places when they should be focusing on value-added tasks.

With Epicor® ERP, users enjoy robust data management. The latest version of Epicor® empowers users to gain a comprehensive view of their most meaningful data. Epicor® 10.2 includes a fully personalized home page in which users can easily arrange charts and data to gain optimal insights in an instant. Epicor® will also automatically process and record data, further enhancing productivity and cutting down on manual data entry.

Additionally, by utilizing Kanban control on your shop floor, Epicor® will transform your business into a lean enterprise that cuts back on both time and money. Your ERP system will automate rote processes on the shop floor to free up more time for employees to improve product quality. Lean ERP processes streamline manufacturing operations for a quicker, smarter supply chain.

2. Modern Manufacturing

Staying ahead of the competition requires staying ahead of enterprise software trends. Epicor® remains on the cutting edge after over 40 years of building solutions for diverse discrete manufacturing environments. Epicor® is the first in the ERP industry to provide a totally SOA-based system. It also supports a variety of deployment options, so you can choose to host your software in the cloud or on-premises. By utilizing service-oriented architecture and offering multiple hosting options, Epicor® provides flexibility and scalability to support an array of business needs.

Epicor® also empowers businesses to become global, connected enterprises. As manufacturing and distribution businesses increasingly expand their borders, Epicor® houses multilingual, multicurrency and multisite functionality to streamline processes no matter the scale of your enterprise. Additionally, our increasingly mobile workforce can use Epicor® ERP to easily perform a myriad of tasks and access critical information from any mobile device. Epicor® Social Enterprise improves collaboration and fuels insights by enabling users to keep track of projects and processes through an interactive stream—just as they would keep track of topics and accounts on a social media platform.

Sure, it’s important for an ERP system to embrace cloud computing, mobile functionality, global management and other modern manufacturing needs. But these advancements mean nothing if they are within a cumbersome interface. Fortunately, Epicor® ERP is committed to eliminating the complexities of traditional ERP software, offering user-friendly tools and intuitive navigation to increase every employee’s productivity.

3. Cohesive Solution

Strong manufacturing performance depends on streamlined processes. By building a cohesive solution, Epicor® synchronizes supply, demand and fulfillment to power end-to-end efficiency. A variety of modules—including supply chain management, financial management, inventory management, project management and more—are connected to improve transparency and accountability. No more information silos, communication breakdowns or disjointed operations. As a central hub for your back-end data and operations, Epicor® ERP helps your business run smoothly.

Wrap Up

To be the best in your industry, your business must take advantage of the best technology. Epicor® ERP serves as an innovative solution to streamline operations and boost efficiency for an array of businesses.

For an Epicor® implementation that aligns with your unique needs, team up with Datix’s ERP consultants. Datix is among the best in delivering Epicor® solutions and services. Whether it’s an easy fixed fee Epicor® implementation or a seamless integration through our cutting-edge Unity application, Datix is committed to transforming your business through software.

Don’t waste another minute on outdated processes and systems. Reach out to Datix today to learn more about an Epicor® ERP implementation!

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