3 Essential ERP Software Functions

Essential ERP Functions

What Does ERP Do?

ERP system selection requires a thorough comprehension of current business processes and future goals. However, before diving into the search process, it’s important to know what ERP is and determine if it’s the solution your business needs.  

ERP software consists of interconnected applications that cover an array of back-office functions, such as financial management and supply chain operations. But what does that really mean? We’ll explain a few of the essential functions of ERP software to help you gain a better understanding of its purpose and make an informed decision about using enterprise software in your company. 

Consolidate Data 

Businesses operating without ERP tend to maintain data across several systems and spreadsheets.  This becomes a problem, especially as companies expand. Users can’t keep up with large datasets, and employees are often tasked to manually enter data across multiple platforms. This results in errors and inconsistencies that can impinge on customer experiences, compliance efforts and reporting accuracy. Furthermore, it creates confusion among employees as they struggle to find the right information to fulfill core duties.  

ERP tears down these silos by creating a central database that feeds up-to-date information into system modules. That means users aren’t manually entering data in several places. Data automatically updates in one system, so employees have the latest insights at their fingertips. When users need information on pricing or inventory levels, they can simply check their dashboards rather than email other departments or try to login to another system. By making data easily accessible, ERP software reduces human error, improves efficiency and enables end-to-end collaboration.  

Track Metrics and Analytics 

ERP isn’t just for storing and updating data. The point of maintaining enterprise data is to use it for essential processes and business improvements, but many businesses don’t know how to incorporate this vital information into their strategies. Enterprise software helps you maximize the value of your data through increased visibility and innovative technology.  

With traditional methods, users must pore over datasets for days to generate reports. ERP automatically captures and analyzes data, allowing you to create reports in a matter of minutes. Employees have access to business intelligence (BI) technology, predictive analytics, machine learning and real-time trackers from dynamic dashboards. These dashboards can also be customized to allow users to add specific key performance indicators (KPIs), ensuring businesses have the information they need within reach. ERP transforms the data collected across your enterprise into actionable insight designed to help users optimize business strategies.  

Automate Processes 

In high-pressure manufacturing and distribution markets, every minute counts. When employees take hours to measure inventory levels, process orders or create forecasts, your company is losing out on opportunities to enhance customer relationships and optimize products. Lengthy, redundant tasks can be taken care of in an instant by your ERP system. ERP has the power to automate several manual workflows. This leaves more time for employees to work on thought-provoking tasks that can help your organization beat your competition.  

Process automation also reduces human error, making your operations more precise. With fewer mistakes and faster processes, you can become a leaner enterprise, cutting down on wasted materials and making the most of your time. ERP immediately triggers activities throughout your supply chain to make your business more streamlined and take stress off your employees.  

Wrap Up 

If you’re losing track of your data, incurring delays and errors or simply looking to beef up your processes to gain a competitive edge, an ERP implementation is a step in the right direction. But not all ERP platforms are created equal. For over 45 years, Epicor has developed robust ERP software for manufacturers and distributors. Epicor powers 360-degree insight into your organization through configurable dashboards and built-in BI tools. With comprehensive modules and real-time data, Epicor ensures users never miss out on opportunities to optimize business performance. 

An Epicor Gold Partner, Datix has the ERP experts who can help you execute your software implementation in line with your unique processes. Our consultants do what it takes to provide full support from start to finish. Whether you need a simple out-of-the-box implementation, a custom software solution or a seamless integration, Datix has you covered. 

Think ERP is right for you? Contact Datix today to get started on your implementation! 

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