3 Benefits Discrete Manufacturers Can Expect From ERP

Epicor ERP Discrete Manufacturing

Epicor ERP for Discrete Manufacturing 

Bottlenecks, errors and lapses in quality are the enemies of all discrete manufacturers, but without an advanced software solution, these pitfalls are fated to occur on your production lines. Data forms the foundation of smooth business processes, and without an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, you’re not generating and managing data effectively. When you implement ERP in line with your business goals, you’ll find substantial improvements on your shop floor. Check out just a few of the powerful benefits discrete manufacturers can enjoy from an ERP solution.  

To learn more about ERP for discrete manufacturing, download Epicor’s Manufacturing Overview.

1. Better Production Scheduling 

Production lines are bound to hit some roadblocks when manufacturers continue to rely on legacy systems and Excel programs for planning and scheduling. Sophisticated production scheduling must be built on real-time data and robust analytics, which can only be generated through advanced software. ERP compiles all your data into a central hub, giving you critical insight to help you accelerate operations and avoid bottlenecks. Using this data, your ERP can establish appropriate production schedules, saving you valuable time.  

Furthermore, your scheduling platform should include agility and flexibility to respond to sudden changes and provide nuanced control. With Epicor 10, manufacturers can easily adjust schedules for different orders and lots. Plus, an array of planning features generates accurate forecasts to enable users to make smart, long-term decisions. Epicor also measures equipment performance, so you can prevent costly breakdowns and adjust schedules to perform maintenance without delaying production lines.  

2. Robust BOM Management 

The key difference between discrete and process manufacturing is that discrete manufacturing results in goods that can be broken down into various parts—parts that are managed through the Bill of Materials (BOM). Without an accurate BOM, your products are bound to be manufactured slowly or inadequately, resulting in costly errors and delays that upset your customers.  

That’s why it’s essential for discrete manufacturers to implement an ERP system that can handle complex, multilevel BOMs. With Epicor, a manager can easily enter the BOM for a product and order high-quality materials from suppliers. Once the precise raw materials and machinery are in place, the production line automatically goes to work. ERP accurately and efficiently manages BOMs to maintain discrete manufacturing productivity.  

3. Stronger Supplier Relationships 

If acquiring materials is essential for most manufacturers, it stands to reason that businesses need to maintain strong relationships with suppliers. Discrete manufacturers can’t control the quality of the parts, components and raw materials they obtain from suppliers, especially if the vendors are dispersed around the globe. Fortunately, ERP offers visibility to ensure your supplies are up to par. 

Epicor ERP’s supplier quality management module tracks shipment inspections and quality levels in real time to ensure BOMs only define the best components. By tracking supplier history and performance, your ERP instance will help you select the ideal vendors. Epicor also includes functions to streamline supply chains. For example, items on purchase orders can be tagged with a job number to remove the need for suppliers to tag parts. Because the part is already tagged, production can receive it and be notified of its receipt, adding efficiency while avoiding confusion. By strengthening supplier relationships, ERP helps manufacturers maintain high standards for their products and avoid serious pitfalls.  

Wrap Up 

Discrete manufacturing success is all about leveraging data to maintain quality and efficiency. As a leader in manufacturing software for over 45 years, Epicor is the premier vendor for cutting-edge ERP solutions. Epicor designs its systems to answer to the specific needs of various manufacturers, such as MTO, CTO, ETO and MTS businesses. For discrete manufacturers of any size, Epicor ERP is the go-to solution for powerful business improvements. 

But it’s not enough to team up with a top vendor; you also need a top ERP consultant. An Epicor Gold Partner with over 20 years of experience in serving discrete manufacturers, Datix is an expert in ERP solutions and services. Our software consultants follow best practices to ensure each instance aligns with our client’s unique processes. Additionally, with our Unity integration application, we can further streamline operations by connecting Epicor and front-office systems, such as CRM, eCommerce and Marketing Automation software. Unity empowers manufacturers to control their entire enterprise from one reliable solution.  

To start transforming your discrete manufacturing business, get in touch with an expert from Datix today!  


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