10 Ways Epicor Commerce Connect Transforms Businesses

Epicor Commerce Connect

ERP and eCommerce in One Place 

Does your staff waste hours each week manually entering online orders into your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software? Do you have to manually update website prices? Do you lack an online store altogether, making it more difficult for consumers to find out about your brand or make purchases 

These are the kinds of issues manufacturers and distributors experience when they lack a fully integrated ERP and eCommerce solution. Though Epicor is known primarily for ERP, it also includes Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC), an eCommerce solution that instantly connects with Epicor ERP, Prophet 21, Eclipse or BisTrack to enhance business performance. Check out our 10 reasons why you should utilize Epicor to manage ERP and eCommerce functions in one place.

1. Full Integration

When your software instances are managed separately, the result is disjointed processes and inaccuracies that plague your bottom line. Manual data entries inevitably lead to errors. Plus, without automatic updates, customers and users lack real-time insights. Epicor solves these problems by tightly integrating eCommerce and ERP to instantly transfer data between your website and back-end system.  

Whenever product information changes in ERP, ECC updates your store’s prices and products. Online orders are instantly captured in the ERP system to begin processing orders. A fully integrated solution cuts down on redundant data entries and mistakes to optimize customer journeys, increase productivity and improve order fulfillment.  

2. Magento Functionality 

Epicor Commerce Connect is built from the premier Magento eCommerce platform to give you advanced functionality to create your online store. Magento has made a mark in the eCommerce market with its open source architecture, making your site endlessly customizable, so you can design your online store to stand out from competitors. Additionally, Magento includes an unparalleled variety of apps and templates to help you put together a site that meets your customers’ specific needs.  

3. Easy Website Creation

Epicor’s intuitive interfaces aren’t just for ERP. ECC includes a comprehensive framework to enable users to easily manage your company’s website. Furthermore, a user-friendly control panel allows administrators to fully manage every aspect of the online store from one screen. Easy-to-use features give administrators full control over the website without programming or graphic design knowledge. With instant access to back-end information and a robust user experience, there’s nothing inhibiting your business from crafting a powerful online store.   

4. Better Customer Experience

More than ever, customers demand fast service and complete knowledge when they make a purchase. Nothing facilitates speed and comprehensive information better than a well-run eCommerce site. Easy-to-use features allow you to design an engaging site with sophisticated browsing tools that guide visitors to the right content and product pages. With capabilities to zoom-in on product images and include helpful videos and content, consumers can make informed purchases, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and fewer returns. Buyers also have access to order and shipping statuses, so they always know when to expect their products on their doorsteps.  

5. Increase Brand Presence 

A well-designed site gives consumers more ways to discover your brand and products. This is especially the case if your website follows search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines. Epicor Commerce Connect offers SEO tools to help your web pages rank high on relevant search engine results pages (SERP). ECC ensures all pages are built with the top search engines in mind by including the capability to add page titles, metatags and other useful features across your site.  

6. B2B and B2C Support

As B2B eCommerce is predicted to surpass B2C eCommerce within the next few years, it’s more important than ever for online stores to support B2B consumers. However, the unique requirements of B2B buyers make this easier said than done. ECC has a distinct advantage in its ability to support both B2B and B2C customers. 

Epicor Commerce Connect makes it easy for buyers to access special price lists and make payments on accounts. It also encourages repeat orders and offers personalized access to customer quotes, order history, invoices and shipping details. Any customer can manage billing and shipping addresses, contact information and login passwords to control their online shopping experience.  

7. Global Management 

As manufacturing and distribution becomes increasingly global, it’s critical for businesses to ensure that their eCommerce sites support international traffic. Epicor ERP has established a reputation for including robust tools that knock down borders in your global supply chain, and this functionality extends to its eCommerce solution. ECC includes an online trading engine connected to ERP to support foreign transactions. Plus, multilingual, multi-currency and multi-storefront capabilities provide worldwide visitors with a robust online experience.  

8. Mobile Responsiveness  

Consumers need rapid performance and easy usability on the go. That’s why eCommerce sites must be optimized for mobile devices. Epicor Commerce Connect’s responsive design automatically formats your site to fit the size of any screen and deliver fast page loading and browsing. You can also design mobile apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. Support for mobile devices guarantees an optimal experience no matter where customers decide to do their shopping.  

9. Robust Analytics

A modern enterprise should ground every decision in precise data. Epicor ensures that you have data on hand to manage not only your back-end processes but also your website. By integrating your site with Google Analytics and including a standard reporting dashboard, ECC enables users to drill into online performance, so you can continuously improve your website.  

10. Customized Products

Many businesses offer customizable products, but how can they enable consumers to choose all their product specifications online? ECC’s configurator module allows customers to simply choose from a variety of product options without needing to navigate multiple pages. The Epicor Product Configurator immediately receives your customer’s personalized order to rapidly begin pricing, quoting and production. ECC enhances efficiency for any kind of order to meet a range of customer demands.  

Wrap Up 

Maximizing business productivity isn’t just about having all the right tools in place. It’s also about bringing these tools together to streamline processes and power 360-degree insight. Epicor is committed to building connected enterprises by designing an array of systems to bridge gaps in manufacturing and distribution operations. With Epicor, users gain not only one of the best ERP solutions but also an integrated, fully functional eCommerce system to optimize business performance. 

To help you get the most from Epicor ERP and ECC, get in touch with one of our consultants at Datix. Our experts have earned Epicor Gold Partner status, making us the premier source for ERP projects and services. Furthermore, we built our Unity integration solution to connect Epicor with a variety of front-end systems. With Unity, users can integrate their ERP, CRM, eCommerce and Marketing Automation systems to create a single source of truth for enterprise data and processes.

Contact Datix today to learn more about our software solutions and services! 


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