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Upgrade Epicor 10

Epicor ERP 10 Upgrade

How long has your company been working off Vista, Vantage or Epicor 9? Chances are, if you aren’t already experiencing bugs and delays, you will be soon. When these shortcomings occur, you’ll find your workforce pouring time and money into solving critical issues and your customers leaving you for your competition. Our ERP consultants often find that clients drag their feet when it comes to upgrading their system. They become attached to their routine, which involves daily use of their ERP instance. But even if they haven’t incurred grave errors yet, these users are still hurting their profit margins by utilizing slower software that lacks modern features.

If these reasons weren’t enough, Epicor 10 decked out their latest software editions with dynamic features that address manufacturing and value-added distribution needs and mitigate errors.  In this post, we list the ten reasons to ditch Vista, Vantage, E9 or whatever else you’re using and embrace Epicor ERP 10.

1. Redesigned Architecture

When Epicor issued E10, it decided to remove one of the layers in its architecture and operate on a 100% Microsoft Stack. That might not sound exciting, but what that means for you is more robust performance and IT simplification. Epicor 10 is constructed on a more streamlined architecture to establish a foundation for unparalleled operations.

2. Data Analytics

The future of your enterprise depends on how you utilize your data. Recognizing the need to empower businesses to make data-driven decisions, Epicor added cutting-edge data analytics features in its latest releases. Epicor 10.1 introduced Epicor Data Analytics (EDA), which automatically collects data to eliminate error-prone manual data entry. Over 1000 analysis choices are available out-of-the-box to enable users to easily gain in-depth, comprehensive insight into their data. Expanding their data analytics tools, version 10.2 brought us Epicor Data Discovery (EDD) to provide a quick view of real-time data.

3. Insight Anywhere, Anytime

The future is mobile, and to empower business insight on any device, Epicor 10.1 includes a new mobile framework for a robust user experience from any device. The mobile dashboard application offers real-time data at your fingertips in an attractive, navigable format to drive productivity anywhere, anytime.

4. Improved Collaboration

Epicor 10 introduced a new feature to modernize enterprise collaboration. Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE) takes a cue from social media, enabling employees to use hashtags, shares and reposts to easily collaborate and follow transactions and business objects from any of your devices. This user-friendly solution ensures your workforce stays connected.

5. Faster Performance

With its new and improved systems architecture, Epicor 10 is faster than ever with almost double the speed of E9. The increased efficiency and responsiveness will make users more productive than ever and enable your business to meet consumer demands faster than ever.

6. Flexible Dashboards

Epicor 10.2 revamped its user interface with the Epicor Home Page. Embedded with Epicor Data Discovery, the home page has robust BI capabilities and enables users to easily manage, share and extract insights from data. But the page doesn’t show just any data. Users can personalize their dashboards using BAQ Metric tiles to show the specific datasets they need for daily tasks and constant insight.

7. SSRS Reports

Epicor’s older ERP models used Crystal Reports, but to bring reporting to the modern age, Epicor equipped version 10 with SSRS reporting. The superior flexibility of SSRS enables users to choose from emailing, printing or faxing reports from the server. Additionally, with mobile reports, employees can even take SSRS on the go. Its responsive tools enable users to easily drill down into groups of data for comprehensive insight.

8. Compliance

Epicor ERP built its platform on powerful Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) initiatives that ensure compliance no matter where manufacturers and distributors do business. Version 10 extends its capabilities to improve visibility into financial and trade compliance. Furthermore, it supports the compliance and trade requirements of growing international manufacturing hubs to drive global expansion.

9. Better Support

Epicor’s updated customer support policy offers comprehensive service for any release within two years of general availability and upgrade support for older models. This new policy makes regular upgrades an imperative in order to receive robust support. It also establishes a digital transformation roadmap to guide customers in their software journey.

10. Best Practices

Ultimately, businesses sticking with legacy ERP are not adhering to best software practices. As established in the introduction, disaster is bound to strike when businesses continue using Vista, Vantage and E9. An upgrade to Epicor 10 not only provides impressive innovations but also fixes any bugs or inefficiencies of earlier versions.

Wrap Up

Epicor continuously improves its ERP solutions to drive better business performance. In Epicor 10.2.400, its most recent release, the vendor outdid itself with new IoT functionality, an AI feature and streamlined dashboards. Now that you know why you should upgrade to Epicor 10, the next question is how. Project teams should treat upgrades like implementations. In other words, a total understanding of business needs and a sound strategy are imperative for upgrade success.

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