10 Questions to Ask Prospective ERP Consultants

10QuestionstoAskProspectiveERPConsultantsDon’t End Up with a Mediocre Consultant  

Here at Datix, we know choosing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software consultant can be extremely daunting. ERP projects that are implemented well promise optimized business performance; however, errors can be detrimental to enterprise software success.

We care more about your business growth than ours! That’s why we put together this list of 10 questions to ask any prospective ERP consultant. We want to help you make the best decision for your business to ensure a seamless implementation process.

1. Who is your ideal customer?

Not every ERP solution is for every organization. While your ERP software should absolutely optimize your business performance, if your consultant doesn’t understand the complexities of your industry, it will be impossible for them to help you maximize your investment. We recommend finding a software consultant that knows your industry and has worked with companies like yours–size, revenue, etc.–to deliver you the best solution!

2. Do you offer comprehensive training?

Even a perfect implementation won’t maximize your investment if your employees can’t use the software. We recommend working with a consultant that will stay with you from the birth of your project to after your go-live date. That way, if you ever have questions, need upgrades, or need additional training, your consultant can provide you with the support and assistance your business needs to thrive.

3. Do you have references?

Any consulting company can say they’re the best at what they do, but do they have the references and testimonials to back it up? We suggest asking for multiple references that are similar to your company; a consultant that is confident in their skills will be eager to provide you with references.

4. Are your consultants qualified, industry experts?

The consultants are the heart of any consulting company. Inquiring about consultant certifications, years of experience, and other information you may find important is a great way to gain some insight into the service you will get from that company. Further, we recommend asking how many accounts your consultant will be working on simultaneously, so you can be sure you are getting timely and individualized, hands-on assistance.

5. How many successful ERP implementations have you performed?

Software implementations will likely be disruptive and complex–the best changes always are! However, your consultant should have the expertise and experience to deal with possibly unpredictable or complicated project challenges. In this way, they can adequately address and mitigate project risks.

6. Can you customize and integrate the software?

No business is identical to another. That’s why we recommend finding a consultant that will help you find customizable software that works specifically for your business process. Plus, multiple disconnected systems will create data silos and discourage collaboration, so it’s crucial that your software can be painlessly integrated with your other systems.

7. Are you recognized in the industry?

Do they have any awards or recognitions? Are they recognized partners of a vendor? Knowing the answers to these questions will provide you with insight into their success and expertise.

8. How will this software support my extended enterprise?

Whatever software you choose should optimize all aspects of your business. In the future, you may require other solutions–CRM for example. Whatever your consultant suggests you implement should have the ability to support those additions and maximize enterprise performance.

9. Do you have measures in place that help projects stay on-time and on-budget?

We suggest you ask about their implementation and project management measures. Do they have a methodology that proves successful for on-time, on-budget projects? As we all know, software projects frequently take longer than expected and can go well over budget- how will that consultant protect you from those project risks?

10. Why should I pick you instead of your competition? 

Why should you pick that consultant? What makes them better than all the rest? They should be thrilled to tell you why they’re unique and better than their competition!

Wrap Up

At Datix, we care more about your strategic partnership than increasing our bottom line. And if you’re a manufacturer or distributor, we would be enthusiastic to connect with you and answer these questions in addition to any other questions you have about our robust software solutions.

Datix is a one stop shop for exciting software solutions including ERP, CRM, eCommerce, and more! We take the time to learn your business process and will provide you with comprehensive support from start to finish.

To learn more or to ask us some of these import questions, contact us today!

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