ERP Implementation

What Can ERP Implementation Do for You?

From production roadblocks to data silos, every business has its pain points. These issues can get in the way of your organization’s growth and cause potential customers to walk away. With your workforce dedicating too much time reacting to problems, you’re losing out on opportunities to optimize strategies and capitalize on new channels of revenue.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is your key to solving pain points and pursuing business growth. ERP consolidates back-end data into a robust solution designed to provide companies with full control over processes and performance.
Benefits to ERP:

  • Sophisticated dashboards and reports give users real-time access to data.
  • Process automation maintains consistency and reduces manual labor.
  • User-friendly tools enable your workforce to increase its efficiency and accuracy.

When you strategically implement ERP software, you can smooth over issues, elevate business performance, and meet your customers’ needs.

ERP Implementation Best Practices

If you don’t undergo your ERP implementation properly, you could end up wasting years on a software investment that fails to deliver expected improvements. Teaming up with certified ERP experts is a critical step to achieving ERP success. They will ensure you take an organized, effective approach to implementation that encompasses best practices, such as:

  • Business process modeling
  • Use case development
  • Requirements documentation
  • Change management
  • Testing
  • User training
  • Data conversion
  • Reporting

Datix built best practices into our Strategic Solution Process. Our proven methodology has guided businesses from multiple industries to an on-time, on-budget ERP deployment.

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The Right Solution for Your Business

Not every business has the same requirements for their ERP implementation. Nobody knows this better than Datix. We have served manufacturer and distributor clients in implementing and supporting their ERP software solution for over 20 years. Our Infor certified consultants and developers offer a wide array of solutions and services to ensure each client’s implementation aligns with their business goals, including:

  • Infor cloud-based ERP solutions for enterprise-level and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)
  • User training and business process management to help you accelerate user adoption and improve operations
  • Re-implementations for clients operating on legacy platforms, such as Epicor® Enterprise, Vista or Vantage
  • Microsoft Azure hosting and management, so you can deploy Epicor® securely in the cloud

At Datix, we have you covered. As a one-stop-shop for enterprise software, our consultants can provide an ERP implementation that meets your exact specifications. Our ERP experts are committed to helping you maximize the value of your Infor solution from start to finish.

Ready to learn more about ERP implementation? Contact Datix today for more information!

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