System Health Check for Enterprises

Healthcare screening and diagnostic for optimizing your business processes and software

Business Software Optimization

Intuitive, actionable insights for system requirements, growth progress, quick defect resolutions, and function improvement testing.

Complete overview of activity workflows and define what your system can do, can’t do, and identified potential.

Holistic assessment of end-to-end data inputs, redundancies, and possible exposures to ensure a close-looped system.

Going by the numbers

We start with a business-first approach, rather than software, because detailed analysis of your processes and operational structure accelerates time-to-benefit. But more importantly, positions you for success.



We start with the basics by determining the cadence of your business processes and if your system is adequately supporting your current corporate vision.



The next essential discovery analyzes your system Current State to gather key performance indicators, core system map, and scope of lean efficiencies.



Using this uncovered information, we pinpoint potential dysfunction, exposed data, or redundant efforts within your workflow processes.



Knowing your vision & scope, we identify quick fixes to nagging challenges or symptoms you may have experienced.



We recommend ways to increase time-to-benefit, and improve your system or processes, and answer your questions to create a path to Future State.

Benefits of a System Health Check include:

Get Started with Your System Healthcare

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Why Datix?

Software selection and implementation processes often present their own unique challenges. To help you navigate around trouble on your journey to success, Datix experts compiled a list of resources for you to be aware of no matter which path you choose.