Partner Program

Considering the Value of Becoming a Partner?

Are you a business leader who is looking to partner with a business that positions organizations for growth, increased profits, and a foundation for operational excellence? 

If so, we would love the opportunity to work with you to build an influencer partnership with Datix! 

Since 1997, hundreds of companies have improved their business performance and completed implementation projects with Datix’s guidance. We have worked with business leaders from manufacturing sectors, wholesale and CPG distribution, to companies who share values similar to our own. Through this partnership, we look forward to bringing you and your business to the forefront of your industry.

It's the Perfect Time to Be the Best with the Best


Enterprise Resource Planning

As an Infor Partner and Epicor® expert, Datix believes that ERP software must be aligned perfectly with your customers’ business processes the first time. We possess a wealth of industry knowledge regarding ERP systems implementation, integration, and custom development.

From tweaking out-of-the-box software to controlling risk, we ensure your customers’ software supports higher productivity from start to finish.


Customer Relationship Management

Our experts provide a balanced perspective for choosing the best CRM solution for business support. We are a Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce Certified partner that can implement a CRM system that is modeled to your unique sales processes, metrics, and departments.

At Datix, we believe the implementation is as important as the software, so we put all our expertise and passion into empowering your customers’ organizations with a successful implementation.


Unity Integration By Datix

Too many of today’s businesses have unique systems that are highly specialized and confined to a single department–these singular systems often operate within inefficient silos. We connect these systems with our pre-built integrator, Unity, which gives your customers’ businesses a single system that provides a robust enterprise software synergy across all departments and a single source of actionable data.

Unity offers seamless and flexible integration for ERP, CRM, Marketing Automation, and eCommerce solutions for a diverse cross-section of businesses and trustworthy data.


Business Intelligence Analytics

With Business Intelligence analytics fully integrated with your ERP solution, users can leverage virtually any of their preferred BI tools to easily generate reports from even their largest ERP databases. JetAnalytics BI technology pulls data from a variety of sources to create a single data warehouse and analytics solution.   


Disaster Recovery Planning & On-Site Backup

Eversafe! is an all-in-one solution that includes software backup, disaster recovery, instant on-site and off-site virtualization, intelligent ransomware protection, and more. Additionally, Eversafe! ensures your customers’ software is up and running within minutes after a disaster.

Here at Datix, we know that downtime is detrimental to a business, so our disaster recovery solution eliminates downtime and maximizes data security.


Forming an influencer partnership with Datix will look different for each of our partners! Datix will work with you to accommodate the best interest of your customers and will provide a mutually professional relationship with negotiated compensation.

To learn more about creating an influencer partnership with Datix, fill out the form or reach out to us directly. We look forward to working with you!