Why You Should Choose Microsoft Azure for Your Epicor ERP Hosting


Cloud-Based Technology to Fit Your Unique Business 

As technology continues to evolve one thing has been made clear: cloud-based software is here to stay. Cloud hosting allows you to easily manage your software platforms while streamlining processes. Plus, with cloud technology, valuable data and documents are easily accessible to any of your employees, from wherever they work. 

While integrating cloud-based solutions with ERP software can be extremely beneficial to your company, many are cookie-cutter solutions made to be one-size-fits-all. You can’t rely on just any cloud platform or ERP system. By combining Microsoft Azure and Epicor ERP, you will have unlimited scalability and flexibility—a vital way to grow and develop your ERP software with your enterprise without compromising its value.

Datix understands this and we know that hosting your own ERP software can be complex. That is why we offer Microsoft Azure hosting software and start-to-finish consulting services. The implementation process is a breeze while ensuring that the software full customized and works for your unique operational needs. 

Why Move to Cloud-Based Hosting?

Cloud-based software solutions are often more affordable and easier to manage thanks to the eradication of expensive on-premises servers. By eliminating these on premises-services, implementation is simpler and even more customizable. 

Hosting your software off-site also puts the security and maintenance in the hands of expert providers, which takes some of the stress off your IT resources and allows you to focus more on the core of your business development. 

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure gives you full control over your ERP software and does not dictate when you have to upgrade. Instead, it allows you to perform upgrades based on your schedule and when it works the best for your company.

Azure is also equipped with built-in Geo-Redundant Disaster Recovery to ensure your data and information is always secure and protected if disaster strikes. Plus, if you encounter any issues you can get support from Microsoft experts any time of day. 

Wrap Up

By investing in hosting Epicor ERP through Microsoft Azure you gain full control over your system. That’s the bottom line. When you have the right software, it works for your company if it is integrated and managed correctly.

Datix is an Epicor Gold Partner specializing in Epicor ERP hosting and management. In the world’s most powerful public cloud, Microsoft Azure, the strongest ERP solutions are deployed in the strongest cloud environment. Your company will gain optimal performance, ease of use, and security as well as the flexibility and scalability needed for true growth.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your Epicor ERP system by hosting it in the world’s most powerful public cloud-based system? Contact Datix today to see how you can get started with Microsoft Azure hosting! 

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