Why Homegrown ERP is a Thing of the Past

Homegrown ERP

Don’t Build ERP from Scratch

Oh, the good old days. Large corporations dishing out giant sums of money, IT teams slaving over an unwieldy system, disjointed modules, no access to real-time data, poor collaboration. . .. Yep, these were the early days of ERP. The original ERP market didn’t have the flexible, robust solutions that we know today. For businesses to get the enterprise resource planning systems they needed, IT teams built homegrown applications and software from scratch. As a result, ERP was exclusive to mega-corporations that housed the large IT teams and funds necessary for such an intense project.

Thankfully, homegrown ERP is a thing of the past. ERP vendors such as Epicor have crafted enterprise software solutions that connect a variety of modules into a cohesive system. ERP is no longer limited to giant companies; today’s scalable, user-friendly software is perfect for small to midsize businesses striving to become strong competitors. In this post, we outline some of the major advantages that Epicor ERP has over homegrown software.

Disjointed vs. Connected

Homegrown ERP doesn’t exactly play well with others. It’s so highly customized that it doesn’t integrate well with internal systems, creating data silos that slow down critical processes. As a result of these data silos, users end up with duplicate data that might not be accurate, putting the business at risk. Modern ERP solutions, on the other hand, include fully connected modules and data automation to reduce manual data entry and streamline operations.

Epicor proves particularly robust in breaking down silos, combining an array of modules and suites including financial management, inventory management and supply chain management into a unified system. Its architecture even has the flexibility to integrate with other software platforms to further simplify processes—something virtually impossible with homegrown ERP. A connected enterprise eradicates silos and dual data entry to mitigate risk and boost productivity. On top of that, unlike homegrown systems which can only make use of historical data, Epicor collects real-time data straight from your machines and connected software platforms to provide total insight at all times.

Cumbersome vs. Flexible

Businesses often take on the enormous job of building homegrown ERP software because of a dissatisfaction with current market offerings which fail to meet their specifications. But they often don’t realize as they embark on this project that this fully customized system will lead them down a slippery slope of endless, costly customizations. Other enterprise systems and processes will require customizations to work with your ERP software. As your datasets grow and your business expands, more work is needed to keep your homegrown system current—or at least as current as possible.

Modern ERP systems render this stressful process completely unnecessary. Truthfully, you probably aren’t going to find an ERP vendor that supports every single workflow and task of your enterprise. However, as long as you find a system that supports your core processes and is amenable to configurations, you can make it work with your unique needs. Epicor ERP’s flexible architecture enables simple configurations that don’t touch the base code and is scalable to grow with your business.

Risky vs. Reliable

Everyone likes the idea of a one-of-a-kind system, but there’s such a thing as being too unique. Homegrown ERP, for example, jeopardizes businesses because this unique system lacks support from software vendors. If the software’s programmer or designer moves on to another company, who is going to know the system in and out to provide ongoing maintenance? Additionally, homegrown ERP tends to be so complex that any modifications, even by the original programmers, sap time and money and can result in major errors.

With Epicor ERP, clients get the best of both worlds: a solution that can be configured to support specific business processes and ongoing maintenance and updates without risking the entire enterprise. The Epicor Partner Network consists of top consulting firms specializing in Epicor projects and continuing support. By teaming up with an Epicor partner, clients gain an ERP system that matches seamlessly with their business needs and reliable service throughout their software journey.

Wrap Up

If your ERP instance isn’t connected, flexible and reliable, then what’s the point in even having it? Epicor ERP’s robust performance is unmatched by homegrown software, making it a no-brainer for enterprises seeking to elevate their business. Datix, an Epicor Platinum Partner, has 20 years of experience working with midmarket manufacturers and value-added distributors. We’ve developed the ERP and industry know-how to enable us to scale Epicor software for each of our clients, from SMBs to large enterprises.  

Don’t miss out on Epicor’s exciting features and Datix’s superior software solutions. Contact one of our enterprise software experts today!


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